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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Colbert's Duderus

Colbert's Word segment last night was a ridiculous take on the first uterine transplant.

I'm thankful that he decided to not go the infertility route but instead mocked right-to-lifers and suggested that all male politicians who voted against stem cell research and wanted to save donated embryos could have a uterus transplanted into their body (with the obvious joke of the Republican party being that there's no exit strategy...).
Is it just me or is there something extremely creepy--as in Children of the Corn creepy--about the term "snowflake babies." I had forgotten about this term until he said it last night. Embryo donation--beautiful. Creating children as a political statement--not so much so.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry about your luteal phase - that plain sucks. But at least you're getting some wood this weekend!

I missed Colbert last night - thanks for the post! Sounds hilarious. Thank goodness for TiVo. :)

Ellen K. said...

I associate "snowflake babies" with the Snowflake program, which is so clearly associated with the religious right (and now Bush, after his PR stunt for the veto of a stem cell research bill) that I would never even consider placing an embryo in their hands. I'm not crazy about the cutesy nickname I see on message boards -- "frosties." They're not snowmen.

I have some ethical questions about frozen embryo adoption/donation itself after reading this essay by Ellen Sarasohn Glazer: