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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Next time you see me out of sweatpants and a t-shirt, look out!

Fertile women dress to impress, U.S. study finds


Lisa P. said...

Good lord. I don't know whether this (i.e., the fact that I've been less than fertile this past year) explains my tendency to wear nothing but slacks, but do they REALLY expect a study like that to be taken remotely seriously??

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahhahha! Guess that means I am a hobo or something! I rarely ovulate on my I must look like a slob 24/7!!!

This just gave me a good laugh for the day!

Anonymous Infertile said...

Ha ha... I'm with you Tina. No wonder I am such a mess! And, on the rare occasion that I have ovulated, it has been due to clomid. And, when I O on clomid I am so bloated and disgusting that I live in elastic waistband pants -- that's sexy!!

Lisa said...

And all this time, all I've needed was to put a skirt on during ovulation?! smacking my forehead

The Town Criers said...

And since I have a new cycle every 21 days, I should be lookin' pretty hot frequently. Take out the ole knee high boots because these follicles are about to start poppin'!