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Monday, September 25, 2006

Reason #572857 Why I Should Go Through My Piles of Crap More Often...

Last night, the piles of papers had gotten to be too much. There were receipts scattered across my night stand, old issues of Family Building on the floor, and three crocheting projects in various stages of completion stuffed inside my closet. I turned on Desperate Housewives (another murder affecting the women of Wisteria Lane? Truly? What the hell is wrong with that street and Bree's choice in men? By the know that Bree is going to become pregnant this season to match Marcia Cross's sweet donor egg pregnancy. Though, of course, Bree will conceive naturally since G-d forbid they actually present a realistic version of fertility treatments and donor egg conception) and sat down with some Pledge and a roll of paper towels.

And what was stuck in a large pile of papers that were given to us upon discharge from the hospital two years ago?...

Er...quick side note...I would like it stated that I DUST weekly. But that dusting means that I clean all surfaces while I keep piling up the papers and magazines. may be some old papers hanging around the bedroom or living room. Old important papers. And issues of People Magazine that have headlines referring to red-hot television shows such as 90210 and Melrose Place.

So, back to that nice pile of a papers that I went through last night. There was a helpful two page handout on thrombophilia given to us by the doctor who delivered the kids. Clotting disorders. You know, the thing I spent an hour researching last week before the appointment so I could speak coherently to my doctor. The things I THOUGHT I knew nothing about until recently. Which I could have known more about if I actually read and retained the handouts given to me by doctors.

It was a strange find. And one that seemed to warrant a blog entry about the treasures you'll find if you start going through the piles.

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