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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Give Them Money

The CEO and President of RESOLVE is currently wearing a pomegranate-coloured thread on his right wrist. It's the must-have fashion accessory for all SQs and SPJs this season.

Of course.

Because RESOLVE rocks in general, and I'm not just saying that because they took two hours out of their busy schedules to meet with me today. I put the organization up there on the same level as my RE and ladies-when-waiting as people-who-are-trying-to-get-me-pregnant. Oh...and my husband. He's on that list too.

And these are the reasons why you should click on their name and go straight to their website and join if you are not already a member. Because the $55 you invest in a membership may save you thousands down the road. RESOLVE lobbies to get fertility treatments covered by insurance. They are fighting the good fight to get treatments accessible to every American. So, the $55 I spend today may in turn save me thousands when insurance companies are mandated to cover a few rounds of IVF. And even if they don't change the coverage during my family-building years, they are sure to have been successful by the time our children are of age. Since certain conditions that cause infertility are hereditary, I consider it an insurance plan for my children.

And because they're on our side. And they get it. And they are there with emotional support. And fantastic articles in their magazine. And they have great bulletin boards and chat rooms for online support.

So that was my personal plug for RESOLVE. Please support them because they actually make a huge difference in your life without you even realizing the extent of their work.

The meeting was fantastic. I was there to talk about the book and they gave me great advice. But they also listened to our idea for Infertility's Common Thread, took a skein of thread for the office, and took our write-up. They're going to figure out how they can get involved and get back to me so I'll keep everyone posted. Even if it turns out that they can't help get the word out there, I was very touched that the President ripped off a length of thread (with his bare hands! No scissor! He gives my karate-chopping nurse practioner a run for her money. Especially since the NP didn't actually do anything physically impressive--just deliver a huge emotionally impressive karate-chop of a statement) during the meeting and had me tie it to his wrist.

One cheap bracelet for man. One huge statement about infertility for mankind. Womenkind. For people...for peoplekind.


C said...

WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! I've been checking in obsessively all day wondering how the meeting went, and it sounds like it couldn't have gone better! The fact that the president made himself a bracelet right then and there.... well, I take back every slightly negative thing I've ever thought about him. The man Gets It.

I think this calls for a toast! To our lead Stirrup Queen! Pioneer, advocate, and trend-setter!

Piccinigirl said...

You are amazing Oh Stirrup Queen !!!!
I am signing up for Resolve tonight and I thank you for all you've done already to make IF feel like someone "cares".

KE said...

I signed up over there as soon as I found them. Now I bombard everyone with requests to sign various petitions. They do good work! I'm so glad that your meeting went well.

I had a funny conversation with my husband about the string. I told him I was going to look for some embroidery floss. He asked what that was. I told him it's string. Keep in mind that working with yarn is my job and we have piles of it everywhere. He looked at me, mouth open, and said, "Why the #$%^ do you need more string?"

This made me laugh. :)

Kay/Hanazono - RESOLVE member since 2005 said...

You rock! Congratulations on a great meeting!