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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Bean Bag Chairs Behind the Couch

The living room is our main space, our hang-out pad and general all-purpose room. This second spot--the bean bag chairs behind the couch--is a special space for smaller meetings and book discussions. Click on the coffee cup to enter if you've already read the information below.

Like the living room, this space can be specifically reserved. Though it's missing some of the features that make the living room fun (colour-coding your words, sounds, and avatars), it has other advantages. Chats from the bean bag chairs can be archived (the perfect feature for a book club meeting that someone has to miss, an author chat, or a THFB meeting) and IP addresses for unruly bloggers can be blocked.

Most get togethers will be held in the general living room. Only ones specifically marked "the bean bag chairs behind the couch" will be found here.

If you want to sign out the bean bag chairs for a specific time, leave a comment in the comment section on this post and I will add your scheduled meeting to the sidebar. If you are reserving it, leave a date and a span of time based on Eastern Standard Time (sorry, non-East Coast/non-US people, you'll have to quickly calculate the time difference). I will place your event on the sidebar of my blog below the living room icon so people can see what is happening and I will add event information to Lost & Found. It will be specifically marked "the bean bag chairs behind the couch."

Before you leave your comment below to sign out the space, make sure you have scrolled through the last few comments to make sure something else isn't scheduled for that time. Hence why everyone should use the comments section rather than emailing me so you can see all the "reservations."

The bean bag chairs are a cozy spot in the room. Be mindful and kind to others and kick back on the floor. There are throw blankets if you want one and a big bowl of candy in the center of the circle. And relax. This is our space.

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