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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bring On the Cry

Sometimes, you need a sad movie or television show just to open the sluice gate and bring on the cry. When you're feeling like shit, it can feel good to let out the tears and have a cathartic moment. Sometimes, it's the whole movie (like Schindler's List) or a scene (think Sally Field in Steel Magnolias) This list has been compiled by bloggers in the IF/pg loss blogosphere. Feel free to add to the list via the comments section. In time, I will move comments onto the list.

The Notebook
Forrest Gump
City of Angels
Brokeback Mountain
My Life (with Nicole Kidman and Michael Keaton)
Steel Magnolias
Late Summer Blues
Contact (when she sees her father)
Saving Private Ryan
Dead Poet's Society
Patch Adams
My Girl
Message in a Bottle
The Colour Purple
No Reservations
Breaking the Waves
Terms of Endearment
The Hours
Big Fish
Hope Floats
Living Out Loud
Life is Beautiful
Graveyard of the Fireflies
May the Circle Be Unbroken
Dying Young
Betty Blue (37.2 le matin is the French title)
Au Revoir les Enfants
My Name is Bill W.
Schindler's List
Leon/The Professional
V for Vendetta
The Patriot
Out of Africa
Roman Holiday
An Affair to Remember
Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Wedding Singer
House of Sand and Fog
13 Going on 30
Never Been Kissed
In America
50 First Dates
Pay It Forward
The Sixth Sense
Running on Empty
Friday Night Lights
In the Name of the Father
Dances With Wolves
Boys Don't Cry
Little Women
The Spitfire Grill
A River Runs Through It
Last of the Mohicans
Hope Floats
Ever After
On Golden Pond
Stealing Home
The Family Stone
The Man in the Moon
Harold and Maude
Sliding Doors
Legends of the Fall
Love Story
The Constant Gardener
Fried Green Tomatoes
Dr. Zhivago
One True Thing

Television Shows
Series finale of Sex and the City
Last episode of Six Feet Under
PBS series Anne of Green Gables
Season opener (2007) of Ugly Betty
The Doctor Who two-parter, Family of Blood
Denny's death on Grey's Anatomy
Cold Case


Anonymous said...

"Love Story". 2 seconds into the film and I am crying. Can't stop until hours after the film.

Also, "The Constant Gardner". Very tragic both of them.

Anonymous said...

Oh and while i am thinking about it "Fried Green Tomatoes" and of course "Dr. Ziwago"

Geohde said...

I don't need any external prompting to lose it totally at the moment.

IVF is a hormonal disaster zone!

This morning I refused to leave the house because I just couldn't find a way to make my hair acceptable. Of all things. I mean it's *always* like a brillo pad.


Sunny said...

I remember the other movie. One True Thing. SO SAD!

PCOSMama said...

Always... sad, but also has a happy enough ending