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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Categories Abound

Carolyn, who--by the way--rocks the IF world, came up with a brilliant idea to create a new category giving information on the various common diagnoses for infertility. She tweaked the format a bit. The new four categories:

1. What ________ means and its impact on fertility (eg. what luteal phase defect means and its impact on fertility)

2. Diagnostic process

3. Treatment options

4. Personal experience

Carolyn wrote the first one for infertility caused by scar tissue from PID. I'm writing one for a luteal phase defect. Anyone else up for writing about your diagnosis? Fibroids? Uterine anomalies? Male factor? Anovulatory? Clotting factor? Diminished ovarian reserves? PCOS? Endo? Thyroid? The list is endless.

The other new category was created by the divine Ms. C. She posted the list of questions she asked the RE during the first appointment. What other lists of questions need to be made? First visit to the OB when you become pregnant? First visit to the OB after a loss? Questions to ask prior to a delivery when you're high-risk? Tell me your ideas or any lists you can post that could help other stirrup queens and sperm palace jesters know the right questions to ask.


Anonymous said...

I rock out endo, so I'll take that one. Got a sample I can look at (I tend to get wordy if I don't know exactly what you're looking for)? I'll get started right away, I'm sure you'll have it by the end of the day.

Anonymous said... post your posts TOO FAST girlie! Haha! I can't keep up here at work! ;) Heehee!

I am an annovulatory girl, so I could takle that one (that others could add to since I have conquered annovulatory cycles by Clomid only at this point). Also, I could begin a list of questions to ask at a MFM/high-risk ob consult prior to conception.

It is an endless list... Maybe you could keep a list of who is working on what so no one is doing the same thing?

s day @ said...

I will take PCOS....I will try to whip something up over the weekend. Work is a little crazy right now but I would love to put some good info out there!

lunarmagic said...

Oh I would love a list of questions to ask the RE at your first visit. My visit is in... one week. And we don't have a diagnosis yet, else I'd love to write something.

C said...

Aw shucks, you're making me blush! Glad I could help out a bit with the new section.

Korin said...

I'll do male factor... i will... sooon :D

Jackie said...

I can tackle unexplained infertility.

A said...

I'm anovulatory (unexplained) so I can take that one :-)

Anonymous said...

I can take uterine abnormalities - I have a bicornuate uterus.