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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Blogger Bingo Winner

We have a winner for the first round of Blogger Bingo (with an honourable mention to Once a Mother):

She won on the orange card with the following categories. Here's the catch--for the next round of Blogger Bingo, there will be no free space. Instead, you can create your own free space and place it anywhere you wish on the board (in other words, you get a pass for a category, whether or not it was called) by commenting on all five posts below and having the timestamp on the comment come before Sunday, September 13th at 11 p.m. (EST). Which means you have a little under a week to do this and those who are reading this now will have a little leg-up over those who find out about Blogger Bingo during the next sign up...
  • Losing You (a post that should be read by all): In this post is a beautiful poem about “Once a Mother” losing her daughter Peyton to infant Leukemia. As another comment said, I too (having lost a baby girl) feel like I could have written this post and can so relate. I believe that it “should be read by all” as I think it could be therapeutic for those who have experienced the loss of a child and those who haven’t to try to understand, just a bit more, what it is like for those of us who have.
  • All's Quiet on the Uterine Front (a post that made her laugh): This post talks about Kym’s comical experience with her 4th (yes, 4th) sonohystogram with the MD she so lovingly refers to as “Dr. Dead Fish.”
  • No Apologies (a post she wishes she had written): In this post Danielle talks about how she came to be able to reclaim her life and her self confidence, after a period of losing herself and trying to be all things to all people, but not really taking good care of herself. I could really relate to being a people pleaser and having difficulty saying no to others and not feeling that I was responsible for so many things and people that I am not. I am inspired by her “no apologies” approach to reclaiming her life and confidence, even it if it wasn’t easy for her or those in her life who had come to expect to be able to walk all over her. I am grateful to have rediscovered Danielle’s blog through ICLW last week and look forward to following her journey and supporting her through commenting in the future.
  • Saturday Quotes (a post that is under 10 lines): In this post Mrs. Spit shares a thought provoking quote which stands alone and did make me ponder its meaning for awhile.
  • Actually (a post about or containing anger): In this post Julia writes about reaching the “anger stage” of grief after the stillbirth of her son, her second child. Being that this post was written well over two years ago, as much as I could relate to her words, having also lost my second child, Molly, I felt like I needed to familiarize myself more with Julia’s blog (which seemed familiar, but I wasn’t sure if and/or how long ago I might have been there before). So I spent some time today reading various posts of her’s to try to get a sense of our her and journey since her son’s birth/death. I found it interesting that she has an older daughter close in age to our son and that after her son’s birth/death, she and her husband were able to conceive again, their second son/third child and that he recently celebrated his first birthday. Being that at the time I found this post I am/was two weeks out from our scheduled c-section for our third child/second daughter, I found Julia’s journey inspiring, but also helpful in glimpsing the future of a mother who has two living children born on either side of the child she lost.

So if you plan on participating in the next round of Blogger Bingo, write your five comments this week. New sign-up will open soon. And thank you for playing! I hope you saw a small spike in traffic and perhaps even grabbed a few new readers.

Request: the prize for round two has been chosen, but if you have an etsy or small business and would like to donate an item to the prize for round three, contact me because I'd like to feature blogger businesses (free advertising in exchange for part of the prize) prior to the holiday shopping season.


Once A Mother said...

Well that was fun (and even a bit exciting there at the end! ) Thanks Mel for coming up with such a great idea, I have added so many blogs to my google reader as a result of this game.

Thanks for the honorable mention and I am so flattered that Kathy chose one of my posts as one to be read by all.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Congrats to the winners!

(which, really, is all of us).

Billy said...
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Billy said...

Congratulations to the winner!

It was so much fun playing, really enjoyed it :-).

Trinity said...


This really was a geniusly fun way to find new blogs. Thanks again! said...

Just changed my blog title to 'Three of a Kind....'.

Why, Thank You, Mel!



Kathy said...

Thanks again to Mel for coming up with another creative and awesome way to bring our ALI community together! :)

I really got a lot out of my Blogger Bingo experience and it was an honor to be the first "winner!"

Though I was the official winner, I totally agree w/ Lavender Luz that we are all winners who participated in Blogger Bingo! :)

Congrats to Once a Mother on the close finish and I do hope that you take time to go read the post I chose for Blogger Bingo and her blog in general, as I find her writing to be very moving.

Thank you Mel for sharing what I wrote about the blog posts that led me to Bingo and what a fun way to give people a leg up before the next round by offering them a "free space of their choice" if they check them out and comment too!

I shared the rest of the Blogger Bingo posts that I found for the various categories in this post on my blog, if anyone wants to check them out:

Also, I got the gift card in the mail today (THANK YOU MEL!) and put it towards the complete first season of Thirtysomething DVD (my all time favorite TV series)!

I have waited so long for them to finally release the series on DVD and I am so excited! Can't wait to receive it and start watching it as a "thirtysomething!"

Best wishes to everyone in the next round! :)