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Monday, September 14, 2009

Blogger Bingo is Back: Round Two

Welcome back to another round of Blogger Bingo. Once again, the prize will be a $20 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. Please read the directions below in order to understand how the game is played and sign up if you wish to participate. Sign up is open now until October 18th at 11 p.m. (EST). Once sign up closes, you will need to wait until the next round to sign up to play.

The Point of Blogger Bingo: ideally, this game will spread around blog traffic, hopefully increase commenting, promote understanding between people, build community, and celebrate blogging in general. Even if you don't win the gift certificate, you will definitely win increased blog traffic (read below to see how this will happen).'s win, win?

The Participant List

These bloggers are currently signed up to participate in this round of Blogger Bingo. If you would like to be added to the list, keep reading below the list.
  1. Stirrup Queens
  2. Once a Mother
  3. to conception and beyond
  4. I'm a Smart One
  5. MeAndBaby's Blog
  6. All Aboard the Pity Boat
  7. still life with circles
  8. Not a Fertile Myrtle
  9. Dragondreamer's Lair
  10. Baby Smiling In Back Seat
  11. Life, Family and the Pursuit of Sanity
  12. My Pathway to Motherhood
  13. Wistfulgirl's World
  14. A New Wheeler
  15. Weebles Wobblog
  16. Slaying, Blogging, Whatever...
  17. In One Ear
  18. Heeeeere Storkey, Storkey!
  19. In Due Time
  20. Where the Green Grass Grows
  21. Three is a Magic Number
  22. Baby Hungry
  23. karlinda
  24. Two Is A Family: The Adoption Chronicles
  25. Elana's Musings
  26. onewhounderstands
  27. Project Kjetil
  28. Estes Family of 3
  29. Alana-isms
  30. Hoping for Another Little One
  31. It's called a varico-what?
  32. Maybe Baby?
  33. The Journey to 40 and Beyond
  34. Semi-fertile
  35. Strickly Southern
  36. Under Construction: Building our Family
  37. add yourself to the list by signing up.
How to Play (yes, it seems complicated at first, but if you read carefully, you will see how simple it is in practice):
  1. Sign up to participate. If you are not on the list, you will not be eligible to win. You will need to provide a blog name, blog url (yes, you need to be a blogger to participate), the number for the card (see below) which you wish to use, and an email to use to contact you if I have questions. The categories on all the cards are the same though the order varies. Unfortunately, like IComLeavWe, you cannot participate if your blog is password protected.
  2. Please place this code on your blog and keep it up until the end of the game. It will help connect people to the project and show other bloggers who are participating that you are on the list. You will not be added to the list until the code is in place.
  3. The Participant List can be found above these directions.
  4. You randomly chose a bingo card colour during sign-up. Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on your card. Then print out a copy so you can have it at home. Feel free to take notes on it. You cannot switch cards after signing up.
  5. Starting September 22nd, I will pull one card each day. Each card has one category on it and that category will be listed in the top, permanent post on my blog (the one that contains a link to the current issue of the LFCA). I know, tricky isn't it? You will need to keep on top of things in order to have the best chance of winning because the card will be erased after 24 hours and a new one pulled. As I said, the card states one of the categories that you see listed on the bingo cards at the bottom of this post. For instance, I may pull a card that states: "find a blog post that made you sad."
  6. In addition to pulling a card, I will also list a date. The post you are looking for comes before, after, or during that date (more below). For example, now the command might state: "find a blog post that made you sad written after April 22, 2008." The date matters.
  7. Read blogs that are contained in the participant list to look for a post that matches the card of the day. For example, if I pull the card that says, "a post that made you sad written after April 22, 2008," you will look for a post after April 22, 2008 that made you sad on any of the blogs on the participant list. You may not list a post from your own blog; it needs to come from another person. All posts need to come from someone on the participant list, it cannot come from a blog that is not participating.
  8. Leave a comment on that post (even if it is an old post) and then keep track of the url of that post at home (bookmark it somewhere). When you call Bingo, you will need to turn in the posts you used to "mark your space." Please leave a comment that shows that you read the post. Just writing, "nice post!" does not count as a comment.
  9. Once you have found a post on a person's blog, you cannot use that blog again during this round. In other words, if you use a post from my blog as your "a post that made me sad" you cannot use another post from my blog the next day when a new card is drawn.
  10. When you get five in a row, email me with the word "Bingo!" in the subject line. In order to win you will need to provide the five blog posts that fit the cards drawn as well as prove that you left comments on those posts (and have the comments be left on different days--not clumped together timestamp-wise after realizing you have Bingo). The first person who emails me with a winning card is the winner. The winner will be listed at the top of my blog in the space that normally holds the daily category.
  11. Free Space. Those who bought themselves a free space by leaving the five comments (this option closed on September 13th) prior to sign-up for this round can use that free space anywhere they wish on the board. They can use it to replace a category whether or not it has been called.
  12. Don't worry if you can't participate in this round. I will do this game again soon after we have a winner.
Okay, so you've waited to sign up until you read all the rules--good for you. Here is a second space to sign up for this current Blogger Bingo round. Remember, the list will close on October 18th at 11 p.m. (EST).

You have a lot of questions about Blogger Bingo? They are hopefully answered here. Scroll down to get to the Q and A session. It addresses what to do if you are reading this post after the game has begun, how I've deterred cheating from happening, and what to do if you can't find a post that day.

The Point: this game fulfills four things that I think are fun: using blogs to get people to think and feel, ensuring that people leave comments, promoting understanding between people, and creating community.

The Bingo Cards (click on the card you're using and print out your own copy for home-use. Ignore the four cards you aren't using--you can only use one card and it is the one you listed on the sign up form):


Guera! said...

I read the rules about five times....slowly...and it sounds like fun!

Angie said...

Sounds like fun! I signed up but cannot figure out how to get the Blogger Bingo logo on my blog. Where can I find it to add to my gadgets on my blog? Thanks!!