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Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Blog Roundup

Whooooooa, Smelly Melly. I thought today was going to be the Roundup Extravaganza. I got my blurb in on time and everything. Why is there a normal Roundup instead of the extremely cool and very emotional Extravaganza?

I'm glad you asked.

Because a lot of people didn't get their blurbs in at all (are you currently gulping because you are one of the guilty parties?). I write all of the blurbs for Creme de la Creme, therefore, I can always predict correctly when that list will be posted. But when you're depending on others to get their blurb in on can guess wrong.

I am still rounding up the stray blurbs. It will be posted next Friday if I have to write them myself. Oh...but grrrrrrrrrrrrr if I have to write them myself.

I realize I have been Twittering a lot about the Wonder Pets. Perhaps no show has blown my mind quite like this. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it's popular amongst the college stoner set (is it popular amongst the college stoner set?). Not only did I learn that Lenny was actually Linny and Chuck was actually Tuck, but Linny is female despite the fact that she does not don the coconut bra like Ming-Ming in the "save the dolphin" episode.

I just may be the Wonder Pets greatest fan.

Oh, by the way, this isn't a show to watch with kids. That would take all the fun out of it. It's ripe for a drinking game--"whoever is holding the tequila bottle when Ming-Ming says 'serious' has to do a shot."

I think "Electric Youth" would make an excellent ice skating number. You could really rile up the crowd and get them clapping to that ditty. And can't you just picture me twirling through the air in a triple lutz, my tiny skirt fluttering around me, to the beat of the thump thump thump (see--it's perfect; three thumps, three turns) before she screams, "electric youth!"

I know I don't actually ice skate, but I like to imagine this scenario when I'm driving and listening to Debbie Gibson.

All of this jocularity is to keep myself from crying. I already did that on the car ride over to my parent's house yesterday. We are staying here because our air conditioner is dead and we are getting a new one. Because major appliances always break when you are already dealing with too much.

I will most likely be offline tomorrow for most of the day. I have a deadline with work, but we also have an appointment that I have sufficiently googled the fuck out of and scared myself. I know that things generally turn out to be nothing. As I drove to my parent's house, after I had burst into tears pumping gas (which should have made me happy beyond belief because it was only $3.93.), I told myself that I wasn't allowed to worry or google until after the appointment. And if I had to be upset, I was giving myself through tonight and I was going to be all male and compartmentalize on Saturday because there was nothing we could do over the weekend anyway.

Bleu told me about giving yourself a time limit for wallowing and really allowing yourself the wallow. But setting a limit. Telling yourself, "you may have the greatest wallow of all time for the next 24 hours. And then you need to stop. You need to blow your nose and get on with it." Coincidentally, I came to a similar thought in Eat, Pray, Love last night on the section about recognizing and dismissing negative thoughts. Non-helpful thoughts. These things always come together when you need them to.

I say this as an explanation--that I will probably be offline, shitty about returning email for awhile, and remaining as far away from a google tool bar as possible. And generally being selfish for a few days. I know all will be fine. Truly. But I am cocooning today once I leave my 6 IComLeavWe comments. It is the only way I can handle this level of stress. And I won't be updating because...stating the existence of the appointment was the release I needed and I don't want to bring anything back towards me. I am sorry to use you like this; to be a receptacle to something I need released. Hopefully, in return, I can hold a worry for you and ask for nothing in return.

And now, the blogs:

Soulbliss had a disappointing trip to the RE where seven follicles were found for her current IVF cycle. She mentioned in regards to AMA a thought that gave me pause: "AMA is a real thing and fertility DOES decline from the late 30's and even more rapidly in the early 40's. I know it is true, I do. But watching your ovaries die on a screen month after month is truly more heart breaking than I was previously prepared for." It is one thing to hear about a decline and know it intellectually, and it is quite another to be so intune with your body that you know what is happening to it at any given moment. I wish the whole world could read this post and understand what women experiencing infertility watch on the screen (that, while happening to others as well, is experienced at a distance).

Indi's Human had a thought inside the post called "My Moccasins" that stayed with me for days after reading it. An argument with her husband brought her to this statement: "The fact that so many other women are out there walking this path is sad and strengthening at the same time. Their moccasins may be a different style (okay, probably smaller) but they're similar enough that I can recognize their footprints and their blogprints as they trudge and write and slog through this process, whatever their end goal may be." Don't you love that? Blogprints? Can't you see the next people coming behind you, writing the same thoughts, going through the same emotions (albeit uniquely filters by experience) of infertility?

I think when you read this post by Bio Girl it will become incredibly clear why I loved it so much. I agree wholeheartedly with the whole post. And it's an important thing to note: the cushions that exist all around you to fall against. Lucky indeed. I love our community.

Lastly, I loved Darla's attitude in this post about pregnancies at Dear Darla Diaries. She writes: "I've determined that my sister-in-law and her bff being prego is no different than all the previous gestational periods. Just another bun in the oven and another person to crochet something cute for. I refuse to let it depress me. I refuse to sit and dwell on it. I refuse to sit and count the days.OK, well I still have to count some days since I'm due for another blood test and a specialists referral." I can literally picture her throwing back her little sassalicious shoulders and saying, "not going to do it, babe." Go Darla!

There is no true roundup to the Roundup. If you want to help me compartmentalize, I am using ice cream as my visualization technique. I am picturing an ice cream parlour with 2000 bins of ice cream behind the counter and the four of us are in line, discussing which flavour we will each get. If you would like to help me visualize by throwing out the greatest ice cream flavours you have ever seen/had, I would appreciate it. Only ice cream flavours; no other wishes, if I can make that request. I will begin at the first bin. It is filled with chocolate ice cream with cayenne pepper. I know it doesn't sound good on a computer screen, but the ice cream flavour was called the chocolate coyote in Madison and it was divine.

I will see you in the virtual classroom for Show and Tell on Saturday night.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Mwah, my friend, for whatever you are facing.

I'm easy. Just good old Rum Raisin.


And another mwah.

JW Moxie said...

Jamocha almond fudge. A delicious watermelon ice cream that I used to eat almost everyday the year I lived in Germany. I haven't had anything like it since.

Mrs. Spit said...

Cheesecake Icecream, with sour cherries and graham crackers mixed in.

Lemon custard with just a hint of lavender.

Lemon gelato, made fresh that morning.

Good old - you can never find it any more - tiger icecream.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the attention darling! I didn't realize my shoulders rocked so much! :)

Since you read my posts you realize sometimes we blink through the moisture on our lashes (not tears, oh no) to face the fertile lush world with our barren arms. Just to stand stronger, with our shoulders back, becaause we have to. We just do.

I read the stirrup queens fairly regularly and am generally in complete shock and awe about the women rising from the ashes of the IVF cycles. Again and again and again.

My hats off to you and them all I assure you!

Julia said...

Nothing truly weird from me, but I've had a couple of versions of black cherry from various local small ice cream places that had been incredible. Oh, and also sweet cream. It's white, but not vanilla. Smooth and wonderful. And this is coming from a chocolate girl, so you know you have to listen.
Oh, and you have put the fear of WonderPets into me. Well and truly.

bleu said...

Love to you and a bowl of fresh peach ice cream n a hot summer day.

p.s. maybe we have to do an online drinking game sometime with the wonder pets instead of a movie.

Deathstar said...

Nothing but Dulce le Leche, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies and Cream and Pralines and Cream.

Phoebe said...

I hope everything works out ok for you.

Yeah and I was late with my roundup, but I think I get a hall pass since DH was in the hospital this week!

Plain ol' coconut ice cream from the Caymen Islands. Probably helped that we were there eating it too!

luna said...

wishing you lots of diversions and distractions and fast returning A/C.

I'm sort of an ice cream snob, I admit it. my favorite places are small local spots that serve it fresh, hand packed from the tub and overflowing in a sugar cone...

what I order depends on my mood -- some of my faves are mexican chocolate (with cinnamon), espresso bean (good with the mex-choc), fresh mint with choc. chips, real strawberry made from berries, maple pecan (tastes like pancakes!), coconut gelato (also good with choc), and sometimes good ole fashioned vanilla bean with just about anything on top (cookies, berries, etc.) mmmmmmm. in the summer I also like lemon and berry sorbet.

hope you don't have to do the roundup yourself! (come on people, you signed up for this!) take care of yourself.

Stacie said...

Sending hugs and much love your way...

Topcat said...

Ok now I need to find out what Wonder Pets are ....

I really hope your appt goes ok on the weekend, love to you ....

Banana gelato from Bar Italia in Leichardt, Sydney. REAL BANANAS!!THE BEST.


Kathy said...

Two of my all time favorites:

Cedar Crest Cinnamon

Dairy Queen Oreo & Mint Blizzard

Oh and more recently Cake Batter flavored


loribeth said...

Skor Bar DQ Blizzard
Baskin-Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon
peppermint stick

One wish, if I may: May all your ice cream cones be triple scoop & calorie free! ; )

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.... Mint chocolate chip. Blue Bonnet brand - it's one of very few things about TX that I miss. That was some of the best ice cream on the flippin' PLANET!

Sherry said...

For you my dear - and your compartmentalization, only the best. Gelato from the best place around (well in the Northeast anyway)...Champagne Mango is the flavor!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Hazelnut gelato, from Italy. It has never been nearly as good when I've eaten it stateside. I've got an ice cream maker too, so I'll make you whatever kind you want.

Shelby said...

Gee, thanks- now I have "Electric Youth" stuck in my head. I thought I was the only one who listened to her anymore!

As for ice cream, Dulce de Leche is my fave. Or, cherry ice cream with chocolate chips. Or cake batter with kit kats and oreos mixed in. Great, now I have Electric Youth stuck in my head AND I'm hungry.

Love you Mel!

Jendeis said...

I'm here. I love you. Attraversiamo.

The two, no, three best ice cream flavors: mint chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter, french vanilla.

Rian said...

Plain ol' cookies and cream for me. I actually had a cookies and cream shake last night!!

It's so funny you mentioned Electric Youth. I was thinking about that song last night and my Electric youth perfume that had the bright green twirly thing in the middle of the bottle!!!

Magpie said...

i like rum raisin, because my husband doesn't. but of late, Ciao Bella's maple gingersnap makes me swoon.

the wonder pets is great. it's opera. i hadn't thought of it as a drinking game, but...i can see that.

Larisa said...

Hoping your appointment is okay, whatever it is.

I love peanut butter, so my favorite was peanut butter ice cream with nutter butters and hot fudge on top. Really, really dark, gooey hot fudge.

Patricia said...


I made the Roundup? Sweet :)

I leave you with key lime pie ice cream. It has just enough tartness to make your cheeks involuntarily contract, with little bits of graham cracker crumbs to slow you down enough to really enjoy it. It is heaven in a cone.

Stephanie said... many flavors, I love anything coffee flavored, but my new favorite is green tea after sushi. Yummmm

Anonymous said...

I'll take one of what everyone else is having. : )

Good luck with your appt. today, Mel.

Meghan said...

My all time fave is a strawberry margarita sorbet that I make...but since I don't often feel like making it (kind of a pain), I'll go with Mint Chocolate Chip, such a classic. And if I'm feeling sassy it's the Creme de Menthe chocolate chip made with the good stuff ;)

Anonymous said...

MMM, I love the loaded Peanut Butter Cup! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

One of the best ice creams I've ever had was a mascarpone and wild strawberry gelato, but for some reason, when you asked the first thing that popped into my head was Baskin-Robbins Daquiri Ice. That was my favorite flavor when I was a kid and I have such vivid memories of going to the ice cream store to get a scoop. I think favorite ice cream flavors are situation specific for me...plain old vanilla after walking down the beach at Emerald Isle with my friends...B & J's Cheesecake while snuggling on the sofa with Shannon...homemade peach ice cream over warm brownies at the family reunion.

Big hugs to get you through the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Peppermint with chocolate shavings please.

and seriously- beaming much love and peace to you RIGHT NOW.

I recently realized that all of my internal anxiety was something that I was actively creating. And while I still suck at turning off the worry I think being aware that it is a choice is huge (at least it was for moi).

That being said, please know that all of us would gladly give you a shoulder to help carry the load of your worry.


Pamela T. said...

For pete's sake, take more time...indulge yourself. You spend so much time worrying about all of us let us do the worrying for you for a chance...

tj said...

Limon Gelato with a sprig of mint.


Pistachio Gelato with a sprig of mine.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love chocolate coyote ice cream! They always ask you before you get it if you've had it before, probably because some people were expecting plain chocolate.

I'm a huge fan of really, really good vanilla. Nothing better in my book. I'm normally a chocolate lover, but for ice cream, it's plain old vanilla.

Other good ones are blood orange sorbet, raspberry chocolate chip, and chai.

Thalia said...

Chocolate with salted caramel swirl. Just had it at an amazing ice cream place in the south of france. Yum.

Esperanza said...

My most fun ice cream flavor - rainbow vanilla. I know - but it conjures such a happy moment. Plain really, but happy.

Thinking of you.

ms. c said...

I have to say I love vanilla. boring, I know.

If we want to kick it up a notch I can add chocolate (in brownie form, syrup form, chip form...) and caramel to the plain vanilla.

My current combo of the above is "Imagine Whirled Peace" at B and J. Aside form having the right combo of ingredients, I can't help but love the name.

Anonymous said...

B & J's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch- fan-frickin-tastic! I lurk often, but had to comment because my sister worked at the Chocolate Coyote in Madison when she was school! I had no idea it was also an ice cream flavor...will have to ask her about it!

Amy Lively said...

I just stumbled across your blog the other day (I don't even remember how!). At any rate, I wanted to let you know that I suffered from infertility for 4 years before finally conceiving my daughter via injectables/IUI last year. My daughter was born in February and I feel so blessed to finally be a mom! Props to you for all the infertility information you have on your blog. I included a link to your list of blogs on my blog (hope you don't mind).

I also had to comment on today's post -- I love the Wonder Pets! My daughter is only 5 months old, but this show seems to capture her attention. Even though every episode is essentially the same (just a different baby animal to save), I think it's the cutest thing! I especially love Ming-Ming and how "sewious" he (she?) thinks everything is.

Best wishes to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Amaretto with cherries mixed in...YUM!

Lisa said...

I'm sending you a big old bowl of Peppermint Stick - with real pieces of peppermint in it!

IdleMindOfBeth said...

mmmmmmmm Ice Cream!

Baskin & Robbins Pecan Prailine

and Stroh's White Chocolate Raspberry Fudge


Lee said...

I'm listening.

I had myself some "cotton candy" ice cream this week and it was stunningly yum!t

battynurse said...

I like Cold Stone so you can make your own flavors. My two favorites are raspberry shortcake with sweet cream ice cream, raspberries, yellow cake and whipped cream and just a basic peppermint stick ice cream with nilla wafers crunched up in it.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself this weekend. Hope all is looking up soon.

Photogrl said...

Chocolate Cashew...mmm.

Hugs and positive thoughts to you. I'm so thankful to have found your blog and your awesome list of IF blogs!

Rebecca said...

Rocky Road, sweet Mel. Rocky Road. MMMMMMM.

Kim said...

Nothing weird but my favorite is banana spilt ice cream - a mix of strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream with fudge swirls, and chocolate ice cream with walnuts! Yum! I love Wonder Pets. It is one of those shows I find myself watching and tuning out the world. Then the phone rings and I realize the kids have left the room and there I was watching a pre-school show by myself. I lost my mind a long time ago!

Sarah said...

Wow, thanks for the link! You are so great!

As for ice crean, I am a mint fan all the way, mint chocolate chip, mint oreo...I am easy.

White chocolate is a fav as well...

Alyson and Ford said...

Mint Chocolate Chip for me too.
I don't know what is going on, but we have been reading & learning from you for many, many moons.... Hope all goes well and you can be happy again. Stress can be managed, but what you're going through.... I don't know.

Alyson LID 0127/06