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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Circle Time: The Show and Tell Weekly Thread

Welcome back to Show and Tell. Everyone is welcome to join, even if you have never posted before and just found out about Show and Tell for the first time today. In fact, we hope you do go back to your blog and post your own Show and Tell item and then return with the link to your post. Details on how to participate are located at the bottom of this post.

Let's begin.

On my honeymoon, I began telling Josh a story while we were swimming in the water. I came home, started writing it down, and secured an agent with a few chapters. And then we started trying to conceive.

Over time, the writing slowed down to a trickle until I was barely recording a few words at each session and the writing sessions moved from days to weeks to months apart. I paused around the fourth chapter.

I didn't begin writing again until I was a few months into the pregnancy and then I raced to finish the book, churning out whole chapters at a time. I wrote the last page on Monday. I completed my final edit on Tuesday. I mailed the book on Wednesday. My agent at the time received it on Thursday. I went into preterm labour and delivered the twins on Friday.

Between mailing the manuscript and delivering the twins, I went to a store and bought myself a ring. Rings have always held great significance for me and with each life change, I have purchased a ring. This one was called "Stones in a River" and it fit who I am and what is important to me perfectly. This is the ring:

I wear it on my right hand:

That is, when I am not wearing another ring. But this one has been back on my hand for a few months now. Regardless of the fact that nothing has ever become of the story (yet?) that moved me to purchase it.

What are you showing today?

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Want to bring something to Show and Tell?
  • If you would like to join circle time and show something to the class, simply post each Sunday (or earlier in the weekend or on Monday if you can't do Sunday), hopefully including a picture if possible, and telling us about your item. It can be anything--a photo from a trip, a picture of the dress you bought this week, a random image from an old yearbook showing a person you miss. It doesn't need to contain a picture if you can't get a picture--you can simply tell a story about a single item.
  • Label your post "Show and Tell" each week and then come back here and add the permalink in the comments section below (make sure you don't just comment that you participated: add a link to your blog in your comment so people can click over). I post a new Show and Tell post every Saturday night or Sunday. I usually move people up into the body of the post every few hours.
  • Oh, and then the point is that you click through all of your classmates and see what they are showing this week.
  • If you want it...
    I've now placed a Show and Tell archive on the sidebar that will be updated each week in case you miss it. And click here for the icon code if you wish to have it for your blog. It links to the archives.


Joanna said...

I love rings too. I can remember for like 5 years throughout my teens, every year my parents would buy me a new "sweetheart" sort of ring. I always loved getting them. I still have them all too. Its great to peek down on it and have a memory attached to it.

Oh, and the book thing can be very frustrating, Im sure. My friend is a writer and I know the struggles she has been through in trying to get published. I wish you luck!

I cant beleive I am the first one this week! Unless someone gets in before I hit POST!

Busted said...

Such timing! I JUST hit post on my show and tell and then came to check and yours was up! Mine is at:

(Sorry, I'm not smart enough for fancy schmancy hyperlinks).

Busted said...

P.S. - LOVE your ring. It is so beautiful and a great symbol of that time in your life. And the timing is unreal on how things panned out.

Mama said...

I love this story Mel! You inspired me to finally here's the link:

Kristine said...

Great ring! And I promise to be first in line when your book is published!

Here is my show and tell

Cajun Cutie said...

My show and tell for the week is up. I know a little early,but I have to buy the husband dress pants tomorrow.

Samantha said...

That was one busy week! I hope that your story gets published.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

what a lovely ring! I wish you the very best luck with your book.

Here's the link to my post for this week. :)

Delenn said...

Love your ring! I have been thinking of buying a mother's ring with both children's birthstones...

Here's my link:

Delenn said...

Hmmm...I don't think that worked:

JuliaS said...

Beautiful ring - I love the symbolism. :0)

Here's mine - it was very emotional for me writing it.

Life after Infertility & Loss

Jess said...

Love the ring and the story behind it!!

My Show and Tell is up, too...

Jess said...

PS, kids mentioned in mine. And pics. Just FYI for anyone who might need to know.

Lori Lavender Luz said...


Did you have that ring on in Lindsay's recent photo? I was admiring it.

Cool that you're about to be published, even if it's something different.

Phoebe said...

I love love love that ring!! I wish I could find cool rings like that. I never really liked rings, until I got engaged. Now, I really love wearing them.

Julia said...

What a cool story, and a really beautiful and meaningful ring. I have really short fingers, so it's tough to find rings that look good on me, and I don't tend to wear many. I am kinda jealous of people who can pull off wearing big beautiful rings.

I am playing this week. Here goes:

In Due Time said...

Im up...

JW Moxie said...

Gorgeous ring. I like the idea of having something concrete to represent a major life moment.

Here's my Show and Tell:

Arian said...

I like your ring a lot and I love its name.

Here's my show and tell for the week
Hope in a Gift Bag
For once I made it in on Sunday!

ColourYourWorld said...

Mel, I absolutely looove your ring! It is really gorgeous. I also love that it is symbolic.

Here is my Show and Tell, I thought of you whilst I was writing it :)

Jamie said...

What a beautiful ring and fitting story. After all that, you certainly deserved it!!

Here is mine . . .

Smiling said...

what a wonderful story and lovely ring!

Thanks for sharing Mel!

Here is mine:

MsPrufrock said...

What a lovely story, and a gorgeous ring that I am now coveting myself.

Thanks for sharing.

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

Love the ring and the story!

This is my first Show and Tell.

My best friend is pg. I'm not.

She's being insensitive about it.

I don't know how to deal with it.

But I treasure our friendship of 10 years.

Queenie. . . said...

The ring is gorgeous. I love it.

I'm in for Show & Tell.

Baby, Borneo or Bust. . .

Happy said...

Your ring is beautiful and what a wonderful sentiment!

I thought I'd share my wedding anniversary.

Pamela T. said...

I love your sentimental side! Beautiful story...

Mine just went up, too:
Love in Small Packages

Anonymous said...

I was amazed at your ring because I have a picture of an almost identical ring design in my diary as something I would like to have made one day. Your ring is just stunning. I too, like to mark special occasions with jewelery.

My Show and Tell is short and sweet this week. And I apologise for my inability to post the link.

Sam said...

What a gorgeous ring - every woman should have such a ring! I too prefer rings that I have significance, I have one bought with my 21st birthday money and one that was my Nana's engagement ring.

My show and tell has nothing to do with rings, but here is it!!

luna said...

what a beautiful ring and story!

Cricket said...

I am such a creature of habit with jewelry. Have worn the same necklace almost daily since 1999 and the same earrings since probably 1991. Love that silver!

My post this week is a stroll through my favorite park, along with its conservatory and butterfly exhibit.

Cynthia said...

Here's my show and tell for the week! :-)

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing I love reading your show and tells it is so much fun seeing what other people are talking about.

Here is my first Show and tell:

Alyson and Ford said...

We have participated in the S&T a few times, but were also doing a "Three Word Sunday". If you allow, I am combining them (don't want to do two separate posts on Sunday). This Sunday, we are bragging on our DD and SIL; showing off their singing and musical talents. Hope you will visit!

Alyson LID 01/27/06 (IA China)

bleu said...

I just did a show and tell too.

Anonymous said...

Love your ring!!
And I'm playing this week...more telling than showing, but still. Here's my Show and Tell

c. said...

Stunning ring. Beautiful story.

Inspired by so many others, I decided to join in this week.

Josée Martens said...

That is a very cool ring. Why did nothing happen with the story? You are natural born story teller.

My Show and Tell is here:

Lee said...

I'm remiss with show and tell again this week. *head hung*

That's a lovely ring! When the timing's right I hope you'll update us on the status of that book!

Miss Feisty said...

I like the ring & the meaning behind it makes it even prettier. I'm curious to know what the story is about :)

Here is my first show & tell!

loribeth said...

Love the ring!! I used to wear up to four or five rings on both hands, until I got married. These days, I only wear my wedding & engagement rings. I'm hoping to add an eternity ring for my 25th anniversary in a few years (hint hint to dh if he's reading this, lol).

Here's my post:

Serenity said...

I love the ring, Mel.

Mine is up today - note that there are children mentioned in it though. But so is infertility, too.

Io said...

I love the ring, but more importantly, I love that you have these things to correspond to memories.
I'm showing and telling.

momofonefornow said...

Here is my link.

Kristin (kekis) said...

I love your ring and love that it has such significance for you.

Here's my S&T for the week -

Juicy said...

I'm definitely going to have to play show and tell one of these days. I'll have to think of something good.


(NCLM and this is the first time I've commented on YOUR blog! Sorry about that!)

Sarah Barah said...

That's a beautiful ring.

Here's my (late) entry for the week.

sara said...

I love the ring, it's so pretty! I am now suddenly wondering if my favorite rings still fit. I haven't been my normal jewelry self lately and haven't worn them in a few weeks. I feel so bloated in the meantime, I'll have to slip them on and see if they fit :-)

Deathstar said...

My show and tell:

I love silver rings, too! I'm thinking of getting one to mark this new phase in my life.

Anonymous said...

I've been... busy lately. I didn't have a chance to comment on this post. I am madly in love with that ring. Madly in love to the point of coveting. Was it an original or is it available on the mass market?

Bea said...

That is a great ring.

Isn't it funny how infertility saps the energy for these projects?