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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blogging Name

Blogging Name Registry is at the bottom of this post.

Some people noticed. Here is the full explanation.

Those who walk the Appalachian Trail* choose what is called a "trail name" and they enter it in a registry book kept in Harper's Ferry at the ATC, an informal midway point on the trail. What is the point of a trail name? For one, it shows a commitment to the project (walking the trail) and entering it in the book is a marker of sorts. An accomplishment. It is a break between your life back home and your identity on the trail. The name can be a focus, a source of strength when you're exhausted. Trail names generally come out of nowhere--they just pop into your head and feel right--or they are given to you by a fellow hiker.

I have always wanted a trail name.

I don't really want to walk the entire Appalachian Trail.

Therein lies the conundrum.

Walking the trail takes enormous stamina and discipline. As does writing a blog--perhaps not the same type of stamina, but certainly, stamina and focus nonetheless. Especially if you are updating regularly and presenting original writing (sorry, spam blog writers, I just can't count you). The first year means that every holiday, every anniversary, every experience essentially is new. But the second year is the hard year. You go through each season again and need to write about each season again in a way that is fresh and new. You go through the same sorts of things, the same sorts of emotions over and over again and you need to figure out something new to say about them.

The first days may have been the hardest days for the Grateful Dead, but the second year is certainly the hardest year for a blogger.

I am less than one week away from getting through the second year.

Therefore, I am marking the event, nodding towards the stamina and the journey and the hard work by choosing a new secondary blogging name much in the same tradition as a trail name.

Lollipop Goldstein.

(" she serious? She just went through this grave, self-important explanation of the origins of choosing a blogging name and writing a blog--comparing it to walking the fucking Appalachian Trail!--and she chooses Lollipop Goldstein?")

Lolly, for short.

The name just came to me as I was driving this week. I called into the backseat, "What do you think of the name Lollipop Goldstein?"

"It's funny," the ChickieNob answered.

"Do you like it? Do you think it's a good name for me?"


"Then what do you think of Popsicle Jones?"

"That is the perfect name for Grandma!" the ChickieNob said brightly.

Lollipop Goldstein is fitting on so many levels. At my core, I am a Jew who loves candy. As we move out, we have connections to things like Secret Ode Day and the lollipop icon. We have my penchant for passing out candy. We have that it's whimsical and fun and I just might be whimsical and fun. We have...

Well, we can't dig too deep. It ends there. But Lollipop Goldstein is my new secondary blogging name. I'm not changing the name of my blog (it will still be Stirrup Cats, now and forever!), but this new name will ride alongside The Town Criers (the name you use as a "sign off" that others see when you leave a comment on their blog). I chose the Town Criers when I first started this blog (and the email address reflects this) because I saw myself as someone who liked to pass along information and pollinate ideas--take something from here and pass it along to there. A town crier of a sort. At the same time, I cried a lot so I was also, quite literally, the town's crier. Sobber. Weeper.

Oh, and it's plural because that liar rat fink bastard Josh told me he would be helping me write this blog. Ad la.

I haven't exactly thought out how this will work, keeping The Town Criers (because I'm not changing my email address) but still utilizing Lollipop Goldstein. That will all fall into place, I trust, in the future. But right now, I want to open up this idea to you. The ATC has a register book where you can place your Trail Name and see all the other 2000-milers who came before you.

If your blog is two years old or older; or when your blog turns two years old (perhaps, if you just crossed into your second year, this will be an impetus to keep writing for 11 more months), please add your blog to the registry I have started on my sidebar--the Blogging Name Project--and state the new secondary blogging name you have either chosen for yourself OR that you asked others to choose for you in a post you place close to the two year mark (or, if your blog is over two years old, you could run this post now if a name doesn't instantly strike you). It is fine if you've moved urls, changed your blog's name over time, or have gone password protected: it counts as long as you have been writing what is essentially the same blog in some capacity for two years.

It is simple: (1) choose a new secondary blogging name; one that defines part of who you are or what your blog is about. Do not change your blog's name, only choose a new secondary blogging name--one that you will use or one that is purely ceremonial to mark that your blog is over two years old and you plan to keep writing (2) leave a comment below stating your new name as well as your blog url. Please also include your blogoversary date--the day you began your blog. (3) I will move this information and link it in my sidebar when I see it.

Unlike hiking the trail, which requires one to be able to leave work for a year, be physically up to snuff, have limitless courage and endurance--in other words, it's unattainable for most--receiving your secondary blogging name is attainable for anyone who wishes to try. The only trait you must possess is the ability to keep writing.

Lollipop Goldstein, use it or lose it ("lose it? What the hell does she mean by lose it? Mel is really confusing me right now. Is she Mel? Is she The Town Criers? Is she Lolly?").

The answer to your internal monologue: I'm all three. I'm Mel both on the blog and off. I sign off with the name The Town Criers. And now, to commemorate two years of writing, I am Lollipop Goldstein. At your service.

What do you think of my name choice?

And I am happy to help you come up with a name for you if you're struggling to think of one. Think of it as simply a fellow hiker bequeathing one to you as you walk together on the trail.

* The Appalachian Trail, for those unfamiliar, is the hiker's equivalent of Mount Everest. It's 2000+ mile trail leading up the eastern side of the United States. Though some people will go hiking on small sections of it for a weekend, the hiker's pilgrimage is walking the trail from Georgia to Maine. This can take almost a year and it is one of the largest accomplishments a hiker can achieve. It is what essentially separates those who hike on the weekends to those who hike as an expression of themselves.

The Blogging Name Registry

Blogging Name

The secondary blogging names of those who have written for over two years:
Lollipop Goldstein (b. 6/25/06)
Genna Rational (b. 9/06/05)
Violet Kay Landers (b. 4/30/06)
River Hope (b. 10/20/05)
The Boxer (b. 12/29/05)
Bubbles Sarcasmic Jones (b. 7/2/06)
Renacer (b. 11/15/05)
Rainbow Traveler (b. 2/28/06)
Blonde Ambition (b. 7/28/05)
The Real Me (b. 6/15/03)
SMiLeD (b. 4/20/06)
Lessa Badry (b. 5/6/06)
Carrie Dababies (b. 10/26/05)
Feliz Flutter (b. 6/13/06)
Salt Phoenix (b. 7/7/06)
Miss Informed (b. 2/6/06)
Anxious Changer (b. 3/24/06)
Dusty's Trails (b. 8/8/05)
The Steadfast Warrior (b. 9/24/04)
Dragondreamer (b. 10/11/04)
Hecate May (b. 2/24/07)
Lavendar Luz (b. 5/11/07)
Tequila Cinco (b. 12/10/06)
Denim Groove (b. 2/9/07)
HereWeGoAJen (b. 8/21/07)

Read here to add yourself to the Registry or email Lolly.


Io said...

I think maybe I need to drink my coffee and then read this again.

Happy said...

I'm not changing my blog name because I'm not on the second year (it hits in September), but I wanted to chime in on the trail. My husband and I went hiking on the trail for the first time last month. VERY COOL!! I was so excited to walk on a famous trail AND a Natl. Park. It was also neat to see the camp sites previous hiker had set up along the side of the trail and then I saw the hard core hikers--impressive (which we weren't that day).

Anonymous said...

odd, I was JUST thinking about soon it will be 3 years that I have been blogging (september is the month to throw the party). I LOVE the idea of having a way to mark the long termness of my blogging.

My Trail/Blogging Name: Genny Rational
It marks a shift in my blogging where I am writing less and less about the angst about not having a baby and more about the care I give my Grandmother. In the nearly 3 years of blogging I have learned that I am not just one giant uterus with a laptop.

Great idea! I feel like it is a sort of summer camp name or Ya Ya thing...but that might be my Southern showing.

Anonymous said...

actually- can I run to the DMV & change that from "Genny" to "Genna"? It fits my love for all things English a bit more...

Rebel With.A.Cause said...

I love it Mel... er uh Lollipop!! You make my day in so many ways!! I have learned more from you and this blog, then I think I did in school!! LOL

emma said...

Ironically, my sister leaves for the AT tomorrow. This will be her third summer. I love your new name. I'm still new to this so I can't imagine ever getting the opportunity to choose a new name. Thanks for all you do! You help me get through the day.


Esperanza said...


I really like this idea. But, I am feeling a bit dumb and confused. So, I will come and ask - may I participate because well I've changed my blog name. But for two years I wrote about the same things.

Ok - back to your name. I like it. Lollies make my happy and Mel well you have that knack of making me happy. So Lolly is very fitting.

SarahSews said...

I love this Lollipop! I have lots of time to think about my blog name since I haven't even hit my first year yet.

Kir said...

Hi Lolly!! (reminds me of Schoolhouse Rock..Lolly, Lolly , Lolly get your adverbs here!) I digress.

love the new name and if I could just find time to blog myself, I can't wait until mine turns two!! I could use a good 'workingover"

Jamie said...

Seems fun. :)

I'll be Violet Kay Landers.

blogoversary is 4/30/06

Heather said...

Great idea! I need to think on this one more to come up with a new name. I think the perfect name will come to me in the shower or something.

Kristine said...

Hmmm...I am approaching my third annivesary. But damn if I'm feeling creative enough right now to come up with a secondary name. It took me forever to come up with Mommy Needs Therapy when I moved blogs recently. And clearly, I lack imagination since I'm calling my kids The Boy and Baby Brother. If you have suggestions I am all ears!

Stacie said...

Weird. It will be two years for me in about a week.

LOVING Lollipop Goldstein.

Jess said...

River Hope

Mel helped me choose my name. River, because I started out a Pond (Jesspond) and became a river, flowing with where my journey and now family...take me. Hope, because it's been such an integral part of my journey. It remains a big part of my life. I know that the Bible says that Love is the greatest, but for me, HOPE has been so important. It's changed and changed and evolved, but in the end, even when I felt hopeLESS there was always that chance that SOMETHING SOMEHOW would bring me my children if I just didn't give up. The hope that things would be ok. And in the end, they are ok. I have the babies. And you know...I still hold the hope that things can end up well...even if your life looks totally different than you'd imagined. Even if the thing you get wasn't exactly what you were hoping for...because sometimes it's even better.

Plus, as an added bonus...what's more fluid than a RIVER of HOPE?? :)

b. oct. 20, 2005

OR, bits and pieces of the blog are on my public site,

Not sure which you want to use, Mel.

JW Moxie said...

This is a great idea, but I have a long way to go to get there. I've written a bit here and there in the past few years, but I'm only just now finding a good groove and rhythm at Smart One. I'm sure I'll be sticking around long enough to get my trail name. It's a goal now.

nancy said...

I love it!!! But I'm confused as I don't understand where it's shown. Like where does it say "lolly" anywhere? I don't think I'm too smart.

nancy said...

I had another question ...

I know you said "it all counts", but I had a blog that just turned a year old and I got all riled up about anonymous hate comments and deleted the whole damned thing. I started my new one (hence "theNEWlifeofnancy") which will be one year old on July 7th. Does that still count? Even though there is no "proof" that my first year's blog was ever in existance?

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Hey, Lolly, Lolly.
Hey, Lolly, Lolly.
Hey, Lolly, Lolly
Get it anywhere you can.

I will complete my 2nd year with Weebles Wobblog on May 10, 2009.

And Drama 2B Mama will turn Terrible Two on July 19, 2009.

If you add them up, I qualify. If you don't, I don't.

I am Lavender Luz, by the way. Nice ta meetcha.

Anonymous said...

I like this.

I think I am The Boxer.

It works.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, reading this post made me realize that I'm coming up on my second year, too! I guess since I went PWP I feel like I'm sort of less a part of this community. I hate that I had to do it, but I needed to remain as anonymous as I could for my husband's sake.

I have to think on this one because so much has changed in my life since I started my blog.

SMiLeD said...

I love love love it!!! What a great idea! And I hit 2 years in April, I can't believe it's been that long!

And I need a name, I have been racking my brain all night (thanks for depriving me of sleep ;) ) and can't come up with a good one, so I'm coming to you for help!!!

nancy said...

You are right. The name just came to me. And it fits. And feels right.

Bubbles Sarcasmic Jones.

Bubbles is a long standing nickname of mine. I try to be so punk rock and tough. I'm a derby girl. I'm covered in tattoos. Yet, I'm a blondie full of energy. No matter how punk I try to be, "bubbles" always comes out. It's also been my supposed stripper name. In fact, a guy at work heard it and actually went looking for me. He finally came up an asked where I danced cause he couldn't find me. CREEPY!

Sarcasmic. My sarcasm is on a cosmic level. Yes. I'm sarcasmic. And that's what my blog is about.

Jones. But yet, I am living a very average life. Mortgage. Career. Wife. Mother. And I like that normalness, just with an edge. I still want to be Jones. But, of course, I need to be the one others try to keep up with. ~wink~

My born date was 7/02/06. It was my first blog, thelifeofnancy, which is no longer in existance. But was a huge part of my life.

Anonymous said...

hmm how many names can one have?

I started off with Journey to an Ewok on November 25, 2005. My name: twonycmoms.

I changed over to WP with Forever Reaching on March 20, 2007. My name: Nycphoenix

I still need to find a VMB name and now the hiking name if we're counting my first blogerversary then i guess it would be

Renacer (Spanish for to be reborn)

Anonymous said...

hi Lollipop, Love the name! In fact, its my easy, throwaway password on shopping sites etc. because all the letters are so close on the keyboard. Yes, I'm THAT lazy.

I've been over at eggsbene since
February 28, 2006

My new name is:
Rainbow Traveler

because I've been around the block a time or two and I'm choosing to remember the bright colors instead of the dark spots.

Me said...

I know a few people who've hiked the AT. They're special people who have my deepest admiration. And while I agree that blogging for 2 years isn't the same, I also agree that it does have similarities. So hello Lolly!

Jamie said...

Congratulations on your two year anniversary, Lolly!!

I am a mere four months old and I never would have imagined how difficult blogging could be.

I also never would have imagined how important other bloggers would become to to me so THANK YOU ALL!!

Anonymous said...

My three-year anniversary is 7/28/05.

And my trail name is Blonde Ambition. Because we're restarting fertility treatments and pulling out the big ones (therefore being ambitious) and well, I'm recently blonde again. Blonde and ambitious.

ms. c said...

Lolly, I LOVE this! You are pure genius ALL the time.

I just turned 2 a mere 2 weeks ago (and been too busy to write a post commemerating it.) My blogaversary is also my "dot day"...

I have NO CLUE what to name myself (I had trouble enough coming up with a name for my kid... now to name myself, for a second time??!! Oy.)

I am open to ideas, and I think I will post on my blog and open it up to my faithful readers. I'll get back to you!

Helen said...

I just hit 5 years, and my 6th year will be June 15, 2009.

So even though I'm Everyday Stranger, I think I'd rather be The Real Me.

Wishing 4 One said...

My two years of blogging was May 2008, and I can't believe it actually.

Wishing 4 One totally suits me and always will, well I hope not always, rather, i HOPE that I can change this name into 'Wished 4 One and Got It' someday.

So for now let my trail/blogging name be: Lessa Badry.

Kim said...

What a great idea! I love readig all the names. I wish I had known about hti sblog thing a long time ago, but I am only in a little over a year and have some time ot think also!

Ms. Perky said...

I'm hitting my two year blog mark next month, and I *just* changed my blog name to Chez Perky to mark a change in my life (not my secondary blog name, though)... it's the same, but different. So your post is timely. That being said, I think I need to drink some caffeine and re-read your post!

I've had a blog in some capacity for over four years, actually, but THIS blog has been going for just about 2 years. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you for making me look at the date of my first entry -- 2/17/06. I have no idea what name to choose -- seriously. I read this post this morning, and I've been drawing a big fat blank all day. Kind of how I felt when I had to come up with the name of my blog. Duh. But I do plan to keep plugging away.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Lolly, I did it. My trail name is "Salt Phoenix." You can find the long-winded explanation at:, which has been up and running (in a manner of speaking) since July 7, 2006.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea, Lolly! I'm approaching a 2 year anniversary too (I "discovered" blogs about a week before BlogHer 06) and will have to give this some thought.

I do have to apologize for my current monikers; I didn't realize until I joined HysterSisters how rude it was to use those words around my sister-women who are struggling. I am really, really sorry if I've upset fellow travelers.

Leslee said...

Hello, Lolly! (Reminds me of my favorite musical!)

My first blog post was Feb. 6, 2006. That was too stinkin' long ago.

I think my new name should be Miss Informed, because I strive to be as informed as possible but continually feel like I've been given the run-around.

Tina / Anxious Changer said...

Great idea!! Especially since I will be hitting 3 years in March!

New name: Anxious Changer

Anxious because, well, I am always, always worrying about EVERYTHING. It's a very hard habit to break - I am still trying to break it.

Changer because I never have the same hairdo twice. When I get board, I change my hair to get a breath of fresh air.
Blogoversary date: Blog originally opened in 7/05; Real posting began 3/24/06


DI_Dad said...

As a child of the 60's and a Bob Denver fan I will choose the trail name Dusty's Trails. It was a show modelled after Gilligans Island about a wagon train that got lost. Sometimes as DI Dad I can feel that way.

My blog Life as Dad to Donor Insemination (DI) Kids began three years ago on August 8, 2005.

The URL is

My new endeavor to locate and connect New York area families who used donor conception methods is at

Kristin said...

I'd like to add my trail name. Dragondreamer is my choice.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I declare my trail name Lavender Luz (WW born 5/11/2007)

Yay, me!

LJ said...

Tequila Cinco checking in (blog born 12/10/2006)