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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Submitting to Barren Advice

Have a question, want to get feedback, need a gut check?

Barren Advice is posted every Tuesday. In order to submit a question, send an email to and include the words "Barren Advice" in the subject line. Make sure you include the following information in your email:
  • A name I can use with the note (blogging name or first name) or indicate that you would like me to use "anonymous."
  • Blog name and url if you don't mind the question being linked to you (more on why in a moment). If these are included, I will use them. If they are not in the note, I will not link to your blog even if I know it.
  • Permalink to any background information posts you would like me to include so readers best understand the situation (if you don't mind your blog being identified and your situation is more complicated than can be explained in a paragraph or two, you may have posts on your blog that help someone better understand the question). In addition, if it is linked to your blog, people can glance over and quickly learn more about your situation even if it's not directed at a specific post. Which is why I link generally to the main url unless you ask me not to do so.
  • Whether the question is time sensitive. I post 1--4 questions/answers once a week each Tuesday. Let me know if it can't wait so I don't hold it over.
  • The question itself!
You can ask questions that are infertility or non-infertility related: infertility, adoption, donor gametes, living child-free after IF, parenting after IF, pregnancy after IF. But also general issues: relationships, etiquette, wedding, friendships. I do not wear lipstick and my shoes rarely match what I'm wearing so I'm not the best person for fashion tips. So, it doesn't have to be IF related (someone on One Smart Mama once asked about seeing an ex-boyfriend, for instance), though you know that I'm good for a "getting out of a baby shower" excuse. When a question involves pregnancy or babies, I will place "children mentioned" somewhere before that question so you can skip it if you need to because this is still an IF blog--but it's an IF blog where pregnancy and parenting questions may also come into play because the whole community is welcome here.

Barren Advice Archive
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HereWeGoAJen said...

I am excited for this weekly column!