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Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Blog Roundup

Skip the first two paragraphs if you taped Grey's Anatomy last night and haven't seen it yet...

So I'm still reeling a bit from last night's Grey's Anatomy episode. I have to admit something--I don't like the "thing" that makes for "good television" (and all of that is in quotes because the element of surprise is what others believe makes for good television. What I personally believe makes for good television is attractive people, interesting recipes that are completely vegetarian, and more attractive people. But I probably need to admit that I'm either watching television for the eye candy or the recipes). I don't like my emotions being jerked around. If someone is going to die, I'm fine with them dying. Television doesn't need to be an hour of happiness. But I really dislike the whole you-think-Meredith-Grey-is-going-to-die-but-she-is-actually-going-to-live-and-the-person-you-think-is-in-no-danger-of-dying-is-going-to-kick-it-by-the-end-of-the-episode.

So these are my predictions for next week's conclusion, and feel free to offer up your own thoughts as a little distraction during your wait (because at any given moment, it feels like 3/4th of the infertile world is waiting for something: for a cycle to begin, for a beta to be drawn, for referral papers to arrive, for a donor to be chosen): I think Meredith will live AND she will have literally no brain damage. Everyone else in this world would have brain damage, but she will miraculously recover. BUT I also believe that either George or Burke are going to kick it by the end of the episode. I'm thinking George and that Callie is pregnant. So George will be gone, but he'll live on still in Callie's baby (and I will have to watch her be pregnant for the remainder of the season and I will start disliking her character because--come on--she got pregnant without trying and if George was alive, she would be questioning whether or not she should keep the pregnancy because that seems to be what all the doctors on this show do once they become pregnant). My second choices is that Burke will die which will send Christina into a tail-spin because she will realize that while he was alive and she was engaged to him, she still thought of Meredith as her closest friend and not Burke.

Whoever gets the closest guess to what actually happens will get a special prize in next week's Friday Blog Roundup...

And I'd like to say a special thank you to my Mommy at this point. My mother can predict the unfolding of a television show or movie like no one else in this world. And since I don't like to be surprised--ever--I often call her to ask what will happen next. And. She. Is. Always. Right. Right now, I watch two television shows each week, but I've only gotten her to watch one along with me and tell me what happens. I totally know who is going to be murdered on Desperate Housewives this week AND I know who commits the murder.

Hey, I figure I get enough surprises with hoohaahooterus (which is my new name for all my sexual organs AND hormone levels--I needed to sum them all up in a little package--oh, and throw in my blood clotting stuff too. And hoohaahooterus just rolls off the tongue and it sounds fun. And I am trying to think of my uterus and ovaries and progesterone and estrogen levels as a happy party in this new stage of positive thinking) that I don't need surprises in my two hours of television watching a week.

On a final television note, a friend from college, Joley, who has been reading this blog and never knew that he would discover so much about my hoohaahooterus back when we were literary magazine editors together, wrote a book about Lost and Powell's has him blogging about each episode afterwards (that's the archive page where you can click and read the entire entry). If you watch this show and you love knowing all the literary and pop culture references, read his blog.

And I can't believe I just spent that much time discussing television.

Adrienne at Max's Mommy has possibly the funniest list of pre-period symptoms ever (go on, click on the link, it won't hurt you). Number two is my favourite. And while I feel badly for her husband for his recently headlessness, my heart is going out to Adrienne who was home worrying through a child's fever last night. And her more recent post shows how the hand of secondary infertility caresses every moment in a life.

Bleu at Soulbliss explores grief in a post this week called "Good Grief." She lost her pregnancy last week and she could use the additional support right now. I think this is an important post to read for anyone who is currently grieving. Or who has grieved in the past. Or who possibly might grieve in the future. In other words, all of us. I love her final lines: "I am getting through it. I have moments of deep gripping, soul crippling pain, and I have moments of relative normalcy. I have all of it, and it is simply that part of life none of us can escape."

Demented Delusions has an entry this week about the now-infamous Starbucks cup that I hadn't heard about until I read her blog. I'm really being pulled in several directions with this: (1) the word desperate shows a strong bias, (2) when I go into a clothing store, I want an article of clothing. When I go into a Starbucks, I want a drink. When I open up the newspaper, I want to read opinions and news. I do not need any coffee while I'm shopping for shirts and I don't need opinions on the side of my cup when I'm going to get a drink, (3) in a world that brushes infertility, adoption, et al under the carpet, I like that they are opening up a conversation and not adding to the invisibility, and (4) if she had not directed her comments towards those experiencing infertility but rather towards the entire world, I would actually like the sentiment. She just needs to remove the first sentence entirely from the quote. So four directions.

I really love this post on The Waiting Game about secondary infertility seen through the eyes of a three-year-old. Just love it. Also, head over and vote for the Irish Blog Awards because she is nominated for three.

I had chills go down my arms and I had a good cry last night when I read "Creation" on Paper Pregnant's blog: an ode to her daughter Ava, who died at 36 weeks, on the anniversary of the day she was conceived. It takes you through the miracle of that conception to the heartbreaking conclusion. And it's just a gorgeous post.

Elan Austere did a gift exchange with a pomegranate theme with six other women. And she posted her pomegranate paintings on her blog. And they're beautiful. Looking down at my pomegranate-coloured thread as I type this.

I'll finish off with some good, bizarre fun. Liana at Welcome to the Dollhouse has this really funny post this week called "How Smart is Your Foot?" I couldn't get my foot to stop switching directions. Go to her blog and try this exercise. But while you're there, also read her most recent entry about and their baby registry. It's one of those incidences where whoever created the computer program for the registry did so with a narrow scope of paths to parenthood. But perhaps with enough people explaining the actual needs of the people utilizing the registry, they will work to change this policy. At least, that's what I'd like to hope. So start writing and calling.


Anonymous said...

The Grey's theory is seriously...dizzying:) I dunno. I sat yelling at the tv "hi, she should be dead now. DEAD. Dead."

who knows.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Gosh, you touched on the 3 tv shows that I actually watch in this post!

I am betting on your second choice for the way this ends because that is 100% exactly where I thought this whole thing was going last night. I also think it will be Burke because of the controversy with the actor's comments towards the homosexual actor on the set. It has been rumored he was gonna get canned.

I'm dying to know your mom's prediction for Desperate Housewives and I will be heading to your friend's blog at some time because I'm a Lost fan as well.

Gosh, I need to get a life!

beagle said...

I was wondering why no one was complaing about GA! I think they are heading for TV burnout. I worked in an OR for ten years and did not witness half as much drama as they have in one season of Grey's. Also, interns don't get to do all that and residents don't have that much power. Where are all the attending docs in this show (ie, there is no one above Callie, she's a resident.)

Anyway, I still love to watch in a 'I can't believe this' kind of way.

I also think Merideth will be fine, smarter maybe even. What I am wondering is whether she is/was suicidal. Also I can't imagine what will kill one of the boys, but I won't be surprised because I've heard both rumors: burke guy will get canned or george guy will quit.

If Callie is pg, that's OK with me because I just don't like her anyway, so a pregnancy won't change that.

As much as this show is really a soap opera, I do love it!

DD said...

Why would they even pretend that they were going to kill off Grey? Am I missing the point that it's called Grey's Anatomy, not Grey's Funeral?

Actually, Callie will die AND be pregnant with Dr. McShower's (or whatever his name is) baby. He will transplant her uterus into Izzie's for her to carry to term - since they are best friends and all.

millie said...

What was up with Izzy's rant? Was she channeling Kevin Costner from Bull Durham? His speech was much better.

I think that Meredith dies but they can keep using the title because she donates her organs and some of the regulars suddenly need transplants of various types. And Ellis will suddenly permanently snap out of her dementia and she'll be the new chief.

Meredith has been really working my last nerve lately so perhaps this is just wishful thinking. I'm totally digging Alex and Addie these days.

Esperanza said...

I L-O-V-E much so. Yeah, but I am completely and totally left going - WTF just happened?

I'd love to know what your Mom's thoughts are on Desperate Housewives :).

And most definitely will be visiting your friend's site. Love LOST too.....I think I may watch too much TV. Oh well, nothing better to do.

Feebee said...

Thanks for the mention!

LJ said...

So funny, I was writing about Grey's last night. It's all about the eye candy.

Anyhow, my prediction

She's fine (Meredith) and Ellis dies.

Dylan and Denny remain hot.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Oooh, I'm so surprised by the Ellis prediction. But it makes sense--Ellis can die while Meredith is still recovering, therefore she'll never get to say goodbye. And their last interaction was so terrible. Hmmm... We may have winner.

Ha--I liked Millie's transplant idea :-)

Bea said...

Did you read Julie's Starbucks rant (a little pregnant)? That one was pretty good, too. I like how she conceives an explanation for the wording as it came to be printed.


Unknown said...


I really never thought Meredith would die...only b/c she's Meredith and there is no Grey's without her...But come on...freezing water for that long? Totally UN believable.

What I dont' get is why some think that someone else will die? George? Burke? I'm totally lost. Someone please explain. :)

It's gonna be a long wait for Thursday.

And, I'm officially calling this weeks episode the most depressing E-V-E-R.

I have no prediction...But, I like where Dianne went with it...I'll just agree with that.

Anonymous said...

Think I might have to come here for my Grey's update. I live in Oz and we are way behind!!

Samantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Samantha said...

Hey, I just wanted to say I'm new to blogging, although I've been a lurker on several blogs before starting my own. Thanks for adding me to your blog rolls. I also had to delete my earlier comment because it had a typo so bad, it really didn't make any sense.

I have no idea what will happen, on Grey's, but I'm sure it will be exciting.

Suzy said...

Great blog, and great "mission" so to speak. The Stirrups are now on my blog list as well!

Furrow said...

ooh!!! I'm so mad. My ABC affiliate usually replays the Thursday GA on Friday night (maybe they do it everywhere?), but this time, they replayed an old one! I even dutifully skipped through the spoiler parts of this post on Friday morning. Oh well, next week, I'm watching on Thursday, no matter what my husband wants!

katd said...

I just wanted to add that "hoohaahooterus" made me giggle out loud in my classroom while my students were taking a test. Thanks:)

bleu said...

I think she is fine, her mother dies, and then she has amnesia and doesn't remember McDreamy.

Anonymous said...

"and I will have to watch her be pregnant for the remainder of the season and I will start disliking her character because --come on-- she got pregnant without trying"

LOL! That's exactly how I feel about JD and his girlfriend on Scrubs. The bitch didn't even have SEX and ends up pregnant. I hate them both.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and for the record, I love Callie. #1: She speaks her mind and doesn't beat around the bush (unlike Meredith the spineless jellyfish). #2: She is built like a real woman (unlike the anorexic triplets Meredith, Izzy and Christina).