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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crisis Consumption Part Two (see below for first post)

I thought it would be easier if I posted the worksheet in the Annex and provided a link so people could access it. If you see topics or ideas missing from the list, post a comment and I'll keep updating the worksheet to reflect the changes.

Please do not post personal information on the page you create. Anyone who is using this list should know how to get in touch with you. While it would be very sweet if other bloggers could step in and help, truthfully, most of us will have to lend support via daily emails and IM venting sessions. This help registry is solely for people you know in real life. Workplaces, religious organizations, community teams, friends, and family can all use your registry page in order to know exactly what help you need. Therefore, you can live anywhere in the world and create a help registry page.

Even if you don't have family or friends who would help in the area, a help registry page can let people know how they can help from afar. List restaurant orders of places that deliver or links to services such as a postpartum doula or cleaning service that could be hired by the person in order to send help from afar.

If people haven't been forthcoming in your life in offering help during past crises, consider giving the task of organization to a close friend. Ask her to email friends and family with the link in order to let people know how they can be of use. Many times, people would like to help, but they don't even know where to begin. A help registry page places this information in black and white.

This help registry doesn't need to be solely for help during infertility or loss. It can be used by anyone during any life crisis. Therefore, anyone can create a page. And feel free to email out a link to your help page whenever you need help--a death in the family, a new child being born or adopted, on bedrest, recuperating from surgery. You may want to email out the help worksheet link to friends and family when you send them the link to your page--they can then create their own page and you can pay it forward next time they're in a crisis and you want to help.

I created my page last night. You can look at it for inspiration or ideas. Whenever you complete your page, email it to me ( in the body of the email and I'll create a help registry page for you in the annex and send you the link.


mandolyn said...

Seriously, how do good ideas keep oozing from your pores? This is such a good one!

Aurelia said...

I have interestingly enough done this, but in another way. I keep a complete grocery list already typed in, with brands in excel, and it's printed and put on our fridge, we just highlight what we need, then whoever goes shopping takes it.
I also have things like how to clean the house, schedules for kids, and an emergency contact phone list, all printed in a binder, in plastic sleeves. It's also in our computer, and copies are with a friend.
I've only done this in the past, because of Flylady. She calls it a control journal, I call it the preventing disaster book! Maybe we could do some samples for people and put them on google documents, so everyone can share, and or modify as they like?

TeamWinks said...

I love this idea! I also like that I can help others too with this.

Serenity said...

Great idea, Mel. Really.

theoneliner said...

you are ms.idea central. what a GREAT idea...i'll have to do one.