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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tale of the Little Wishing Stone

Like the randomness that pervades all aspects of life, there were people who only had two wishes come true all week. And there were others that received eight out of their ten wishes. I'm not sure how the little wish stone chooses which ones to grant. All I know is that all of the wishes are worthy. I wish the stone would pay attention and perform 100% of the time.

I've decided to leave the little wish stone up and update this post every time someone takes the wishing stone challenge. Mostly due to the four positive pregnancy tests that happened this week. My heart is breaking for the wishes that didn't come true. But sometimes we need a little dose of wishful thinking just to get us through an experience and over to the other side.

Right now, the little wish stone is currently batting: 64% (this number is updated any time a person takes the wishing stone challenge and emails me their results at

Past success counts: 78%, 76%, 73%, 64% (oh no! Is little wish stone losing potency?)

Stories of success from the wish stone:

"The third [wish] was more of a shocker, and you can feel free to post it if you keep me anonymous (I'm not ready topublicize it yet) but I wished for a BFP and got one! I'm 4 weeks an 1 day and scared out of my ever-lovingmind, but also deleriously happy."

"I tried the wish stone today. I wished that my beta would be positive and a good number. After almost 8 years of ttc I got a positive today with my number at 127 (over 5 times higher then any of my other betas.) I am a believer! Thanks for sharing your stone."

"The first day's wish came true... the 2nd day's wish came true... Today is the 3rd day. I'll let you know!"

"I made a wish that my cycle not be cancelled/that my E2 would go down...the clinic just called and said I can take the trigger shot tonight! Thanks for letting us make a wish. :) "

"I have made three wishes on the stone so far. Wish #1- boy comes home from his hockey game while I'm reading and wishing here. I wished he had won his game. The score ... 9-1 for his team. Wish #2- That my Monday beta results would be over 100. Results for Mondays beta ... 353. Wish #3- That this pregnancy would be sucessful. Results ... we'll have to wait and see."

"We were going over to have dinner for my SIL's birthday and I just wanted to connect with my nephew. So I wished. And it worked. He came running to me, he copied every move my husband made, he begged me to pick him up, he asked me to help him use his fork, and he even offered me one of his sliced grapes. I needed that."

"I think the coolest thing about the wishing stone was feeling connected with other people in the blogosphere in a way that was kind of physical, by "touching" the stone. It was good to take stock of how many things went right during those ten days and to celebrate that."

Keep sending me your stories of success with the little wish stone. And let me know your average if you make 10 wishes over 10 days.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ok, i'm in. i'm going to keep a running log privately on my livejournal, and i'll let you know how it turns out.

last night i wished for the first time, and i won't count it, since i wished that i would get pregnant in next cycle. since today is cd1, i won't know that for a while... ;o)