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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Operation Heads Up

Operation Heads Up is series of write ups about common procedures, medications, tests, and diagnoses associated with infertility. These entries were written by those who have been on the receiving end of the needle or catheter--they are not doctors, just fellow stirrup queens or sperm palace jesters like you. These write ups are meant to give you a heads up before your own experience and provide tips that have worked for other stirrup queens or sperm palace jesters before you. The information should never be used in lieu of medical advice from a doctor.

1. Diagnosis: Anovulation
2. Diagnosis: Endometriosis
3. Diagnosis: Infertility Caused By Scar Tissue
4. Diagnosis: Luteal Phase Defect or Low Progesterone
5. Diagnosis: Male Factor Infertility
6. Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility
7. Diagnosis: Uterine Anomalies
8. Diagnosis: PCOS

9. Hormone Level Chart (off-blog link)

10. Endometrial Biopsy
11. HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)
12. Hysteroscopy
13. Laparoscopic Surgery (for Endometriosis)
14. Postcoital Exam
15. Semen Analysis
16. Sonohystogram
17. Varicocelectomy

18. Clomid
19. IM Injections
20. Metformin (Glucophage)
21. Progesterone Supplements (oral and vaginal)
22. Sub-Cue Injections

HOW TO VIDEOS FOR INJECTIONS (all videos are off-site)
23. Medications for IVF
24. Videos Galore--IVF Shoot 'Em Up
25. Ganirelix Injections
26. Gonal-F Injections
27. Menopur Injections 1
27. Menopur Injections 2
27. Menopur Injections 3
28. PIO Injections

29. IUI (Natural or Medicated)
30. IVF (Fresh Cycle)
31. IVF (FET or Frozen Embryo Transfer)
32. OHSS

33. Choosing an Egg Donor
34. Choosing a Sperm Donor
35. Egg Donor Agency List (off-blog link)
36. Gestational Surrogacy
37. How to Tell Children About Third Party Reproduction

38. International Adoption: China
39. International Adoption: Guatemala
40. Questions for Choosing an Adoption Agency

41. D&C or D&E After a Pregnancy Loss
42. Natural Miscarriage
43. Medical Management of Miscarriage (using medication to control a miscarriage)
44. Testing for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

45. Acupuncture for Fertility
46. Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and Charting
47. Infertility Counseling (Therapy)
48. Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK)
49. Prenatal Screening and Diagnostic Testing

50. Beta Chart (off-blog link)

51. Questions When Choosing a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE)
52. Questions for a High-Risk OB (Maternal Fetal Medicine or MFM/high-risk OB)
53. Treatment Spreadsheet
54. Common Blogging Abbreviations (for the IF/pg loss/adoption community)

Please come back and add your own experience in the comments section for an entry after you have tried the medication or completed the procedure.

If you see a topic missing, propose a new write up.

Each entry follows the same format:

1. Why you would be doing the procedure, taking the medication, or having the test (the reason and common uses).

2. What you can expect (for example, the ins and outs of the procedure or how to give the injection).

3. Problems that may arise and ways to troubleshoot.

4. Personal tips.

If there is a write up missing from the list that you can complete, please email me at We're always looking to add information to the list.

If you still have questions after reading an entry, check the Peer Infertility Counselor List and write the person in the proper category directly. Make sure you mention the Peer Infertility Counselor List in the subject line of your email.

You can also search for stories similar to your own through the blogroll.

1 comment:

Binky said...

I haven't been around for a while, but now that I've made it through to the other side I'd love to share some of what I've learned. There is a diagnosis topic that I didn't see listed: High FSH/Low Ovarian Reserve. It's one of the scarier ones, because doctors will often tell you there's nothing you can do about it. (Not necessarily true). I would love to write about that, if you think it would be helpful.