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Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Blog Roundup

Three days into Operation Heads Up and we already have three write-ups! I've been changing the post dates in order to group them together. So check the sidebar when you read the blog to see if there are new write-ups. And comment on them! Give additional tips, warnings, recommendations.

Before I go to the blogs, I just want to give a HUGE congratulations to someone I posted about last week. Carrie, the Soup Chickie, got her big, fat, beta-doubling positive this week after three years of IF. She has an amazing story. When we say "it takes a village to make a child" we're usually talking about all the REs and nurses involved. But her baby (or babies--they won't know until the ultrasound) is literally created out of a world of love--a friend donated the egg, her husband gave the sperm, Soupy gave the womb, and now their families are joined together forever. All of the good energy you guys sent her way paid off. So now it's time to look at some other people's stories and send them good energy too...

Starting on a sad note, Shazz over in Australia ( remembered her daughter, Chloe, this week with a beautiful tribute as her due date passed. She wrote after the delivery: "We held you for a while, cuddled you, kissed you and cried over you and didn't want to give back." And I had a heartbreaking image of this moment--when you let your little girl go knowing that she won't be coming back into your arms. And how do you do that? How is it ever the right minute to give her back to the doctor? I cried and cried over this entry because no parent should ever have to say a permanent goodbye to their own child. Sending many good thoughts and a lot of strength to Shazz this week.

The ladies at Maybe Expectant ( illustrate perfectly pregnancy after IF and the inner workings of the mind of a Stirrup Queen. They had to decide this week which genetic tests, if any, to run. Most pregnant couples have this hard decision to make, but infertility really makes you see the whole world through If-coloured glasses. What if they received bad news--what would they do with that information knowing that this was their final cycle with her partner's eggs? When you've worked so hard to get pregnant, how could you possibly take a test that could even possibly (no matter how small the chance) lead to a miscarriage? Hard decisions at Maybe Expectant. Hang in there...

I would write a catchy title such as "Losing My Religion" but I'm pretty sure that means something more akin to "falling in love." So instead I will jump right in to talking about Journeywoman's ( interesting post this week about faith and IF. It's a heady mix--continuing faith you've had since childhood, losing faith because you can't believe a G-d would do this to you (or not step in to help), absorbing the constant comments of "this is G-d's plan" or "G-d is trying to teach you something." And then there is the whole Biblical theme of being barren. Sigh. Hard questions. Interesting post. Go read and discuss.

Lastly, Carolyn over at This Sort of Fairytale ( has butterflies as she goes in for a first appointment with a new ob/gyn. It's a hard decision--you need someone who wants you to be pregnant as much as you want to be pregnant. Who will be assertive, a good listener, accessible. Calling all med students--come here for the Stirrup Queen's Good Doctor boot camp. I'll whip you into shape. Send some good doctor energy her way. After encountering many crappy doctors/nurses on your journey, I hope it's a great appointment.

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