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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blogging Abbreviations

Reading blogs can be confusing if you don't know the commonly used abbreviations. Here is a list (and add more in the comments section below) of ones utilized by the American infertility/pg loss/adoption community (non-Americans sometimes have different terms such as EPU--egg pick up instead of ER--egg retrieval).

2WW--two week wait (post ovulation until beta)
AD--adoptive parent
AF--aunt flo (your period)
AH--assisted hatching
AI--artificial insemination (an old name for IUIs. No longer commonly used)
ART--assisted reproductive technologies
BBT--basal body temperature
BCP--birth control pills
BD--baby dancing (having sex. More commonly used on bulletin boards instead of blogs)
BF--biological father
BFN--big fat negative
BFP--big fat positive
BG--blood glucose
BH--braxton-hicks contractions
BIL--brother in law
BMom--biological mother
BP--biological parents
BP--blood pressure
B/W--blood work
CBAVD--congenital bilateral absence of vas deferens
CCAA--china center for adoption affairs
CCCT--clomid challenge test
CD--cycle day
CM--cervical mucous
D&C--dilation and curettage
DD--dear daughter
DE--donor egg (sometimes also donor embryo)
D&E--dilation and evacuation
DH--dear husband
DHS--department of homeland security
DI--donor insemination
DIUI--IUI with donor sperm
DIVF--usually IVF with donor eggs but could be any donor gametes
DOR--date of referral
DOT--date of travel
DP--dear partner
DP3DT--days past three day transfer
DP5DT--days past five day transfer
DPO--days past ovulation
DS--dear son
DTC--dossier to china (or DTV, DTE--dossier to...)
DW--dear wife
E2--estrogen level
EDD--estimated due date
ER--egg retrieval
ET--embryo transfer
EWCM--egg white cervical mucous
FC--foster care
FET--frozen embryo transfer
FF--fertility friend (online charting service)
FIL--father in law
FRED or FRER--first response early detection (peestick)
FSH--follicle stimulating hormone
GnRH--gonadotropin-releasing hormone
GS--gestational surrogate/surrogacy
hCG--human chorionic gonadotropin
HPT--home pregnancy test (also called a peestick)
HS--home study
HTH--hope that helps
ICSI--intracytoplasmic sperm injection
IF--intended father (surrogacy)
IM--intended mother (surrogacy)
INS--immigration and naturalization
IP--intended parents (surrogacy)
IUGR--intrauterine growth restriction
IUI--intrauterine insemination
IVF--in vitro fertilization
IVIG--intravenous immunoglobulin
LH--luteinizing hormone
LMP--last menstrual period
LP--luteal phase
LPD--luteal phase defect
MF--male factor
MIL--mother in law
O--ovulate (or O'ing)
OHSS--ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
OPK--ovulation predictor kit
PAP--potential or prospective adoptive parents
PCOS--polycystic ovarian syndrome
Peestick--home pregnancy test
PGD--preimplantation genetic diagnosis
PID--pelvic inflammatory disease
PIO--progesterone in oil
POAS--pee on a stick (take a pregnancy test)
POF--premature ovarian failure
PROM--premature rupture of membranes
PUPO--pregnant until proven otherwise
RE--reproductive endocrinologist
RI--reproductive immunologist
RPL--recurrent pregnancy loss
SA--semen analysis
SFC or SFBC--single father by choice
SIF--secondary infertility
SIL--sister in law
SMC or SMBC--single mother by choice
SPC or SPBC--single parent by choice
TCOYF--taking charge of your fertility (book by Toni Weschler)
Temp--taking BBT
TS--traditional surrogate/surrogacy
TSH--thyroid stimulating hormone
TTC--trying to conceive
UTI--urinary tract infection
UU--unicornate uterus
VBAC--vaginal birth after cesarean


sara said...

great list! One another not common one I guess is

UU = unicornuate uterus

Anonymous said...

another common identifier is SMC (Single Mother by Choice)

Anonymous said...

From the surrogacy community:

GS: gestational surrogate/surrogacy
TS: traditional surrogate/surrogacy
IPs: Intended Parents
IM: Intended Mother
IF: in this context, Intended Father
xfer: transfer

Michelle said...

Do you know what HSS means? Just curious, and thanks for the great list! It really helps! said...

I understand DPO and DP3or5DT....but what is let's say 14DPODT?