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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Past Book Tours

It seemed like a good idea to compile all the old book tour posts into a single post so that people could find the lists and questions and participants of all the old book tours in one place. I've also added upcoming tour information as well as online author chats. Interested in the current tour? Want to join along? There is always a link to the current book under The Bookshelf on the right sidebar).

Barren Bitches Book Brigade (*with author participation)

Tour 19: Navigating the Land of If by Melissa Ford*
  • Start Date: May 26
  • Questions Due: June 24
  • Post Date: June 29
Past Tours and Online Chats
Past Winners of the Book Slogger Award

2006-2007: Beaten But Not Bowed (Drowned Girl) and Southern Infertility (Samantha)

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