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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The 69th Circle Time: The Show and Tell Weekly Thread

Show and Tell is wasted on elementary schoolers. Join several dozen bloggers weekly to show off an item, tell a story, and get the attention of the class. In other words, this is Show and Tell 2.0. Everyone is welcome to join, even if you have never posted before and just found out about Show and Tell for the first time today. So yank out a photo of the worst bridesmaid's dress you ever wore and tell us the story; show off the homemade soup you cooked last night; or tell us all about the scarf you made for your first knitting project. Details on how to participate are located at the bottom of this post.

Let's begin.

I thought that I should do something profound because it is 09-09-09, perhaps show nine items that were important to me when I was nine-years-old...except this idea only occurred to me on Tuesday night. So I give you the fact that I relish both the best and worst of the Beatles. Meaning, I relish the best:

I love this photo because they are such BOYS--I mean, truly, such boys. And it captures this exuberance that makes your heart explode if you consider it for too long.

And I relish the worst--I mean, relish it, roll around in it, watch it numerous times:

And like a mother, I love it all equally--differently, but equally. I love Eddie Murphy as the Fifth Beatle and I love street musicians in Jerusalem playing "Let it Be" on violins (fourteen-years-old, Saturday night on Ben Yehuda street--I still remember those street musicians and drinking hot lemonade at Cafe Atara), and I love "Free as a Bird" even though few others do.

Across the Universe is the epitome of terrible/wonderful Beatles--it's like Capri Sun. You know how as a kid you always wanted to have a Capri Sun in your lunch and then you'd get one for a special occasion and you'd drink it in one gulp and then you'd still be thirsty but endless happy? That's what watching the movie is like--you literally don't absorb it. You can watch it 14 times, play it in the background while you write Tash about the Beatles, and it literally doesn't stick with you for longer than 5 minutes. I love it. Love it.

A few days ago, Lindsay and I were talking about which Beatle we align with the most, which is a more interesting game than which Hogwart house you'd be placed in. She is definitely Paul-like in personality (or what you imagine his personality to be since you only know the public figure). As much as I am attracted to Johns, I am definitely not a John myself. I am so clearly a George, which is also fitting since one of my top 5 Beatles songs is "The Inner Light" (other 4: And Your Bird Can Sing, Ob-la-di Ob-la-da, Here Comes the Sun, and Mother Nature's Son).

Which Beatle are you most like? And if your personality doesn't match with anyone in the band, what would you bring to the band personality-wise as the fifth Beatle?

What are you showing today?

Click here or scroll down to the bottom of this post if this is your first time joining along (Important: link to the permalink for the post, not the main url for your blog and use your blog's name, not your name. Links not going to a Show and Tell post will be deleted). The list is open from now until late Friday night and a new one is posted every week.

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Want to bring something to Show and Tell?
  • If you would like to join circle time and show something to the class, simply post each Wednesday night (or any time between Wednesday morning and Friday night), hopefully including a picture if possible, and telling us about your item. It can be anything--a photo from a trip, a picture of the dress you bought this week, a random image from an old yearbook showing a person you miss. It doesn't need to contain a picture if you can't get a picture--you can simply tell a story about a single item. The list opens every Wednesday night and closes on Friday night.
  • You must mention Show and Tell and include a link back to this post in your post so people can find the rest of the class. This spreads new readership around through the list. This is now required.
  • Label your post "Show and Tell" each week and then come back here and add the permalink for the post via the Mr. Linky feature (not your blog's main url--use the permalink for your specific Show and Tell post).
  • Oh, and then the point is that you click through all of your classmates and see what they are showing this week. And everyone loves a good "ooooh" and "aaaah" and to be queen (or king) of the playground for five minutes so leave them a comment if you can.
  • Did you post a link and now it's missing?: I reserve the right to delete any links that are not leading to a Show and Tell post or are the blogging equivalent of a spitball.


Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

I think I'm a John, minus the nudity and the whole pretending-you-don't-have-a-family thing.

Sometimes I wonder if I went to see the Beatles Cirque du Soleil if DH would be so horrified at my glee that he would run screaming.

loribeth said...

Mel, I love this post -- LOVE that photo (I love the Beatles!) -- but I beg to differ. "Across the Universe" is practically Oscar-worthy when compared to "Sgt Pepper" (the movie)(love the BeeGees & Peter Frampton, but they really should have stuck to singing...).

My favourite Beatle movie that didn't star the Beatles is "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," about some New Jersey teenagers who try to meet the Beatles during their first visit to New York in 1964.

To answer your question, I'm probably a Paul -- not as cute (who is?? lol), but eager to please & smooth things over, maybe a bit old-fashioned (all those music-hall singalong type ditties).

Anonymous said...

Though I love the music, I don't really know enough the personalities of the Beatles to say who I am most like. Does that lose all of my Mel-credibility in one fell swoop?

I do really like this post, however. I think that it's a wonderful portrait of wuv, twoo wuv.

Lynn said...

Wow! I've just been directed to your blog earlier this week and I must admit, I'm hooked!

I love this post! I am a huge Beatles fan (was truly introduced to them by my DH's mum - she's crazy about them), so this was right up my alley. I wasn't really sure which Beatle I was most like, so I asked my DH. His answer was "George. You're very intense. Very serious." I liked that answer. Made me feel very unfrivolous, which is not something I often feel.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Cassandra: there's a Cirque Beatles!? I wanna go!

Loribeth: I remember that movie!

Me? I think I'm George. Kind of inward looking.

Delenn said...

Love the Beatles. We sang Beatles songs as lullabys for Michael when he was a baby.

I think I align more with George in personality but with John in philosphy.

Jendeis said...

Have always loved the Beatles and especially Paul. I think John was too intense for me.

Am I like any of them? I'm the Ringo, aren't I, darnit. Please tell me I'm not the Ringo of our bunch. Please.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the Beatles! I think I always felt drawn to John, but I don't think I'm "like" any of them.

And I just discovered Across the Universe a few weeks ago and I can't stop watching it! And listening to the soundtrack at work! I love it :). I thought it was great - and had some very original interpretations of their music (I Want You (She's So Heavy) was one of my favorites).

nancy said...


Oh. My. Goodness.

Across the Universe.

You just commented to me about it and I was going to email you. So I clicked here to read today's post and it was ABOUT IT!

Seriously. I ~lurve~ that movie.

And as I was blogging about, I picked my burlesque song. And it's totally got to do with that movie. But I'm not telling (in public). But I'll give you a hint of what song it is by telling you my top 4 (come on! fab four!) beatles songs. You can guess.

When my guitar gently weeps
Happiness is a warm gun
Her Majesty

You know I named my embryos after the fab four, right? Ringo, the smallest one made it. So although I would say I'm a John or Paul, I'd have to say Ringo.

Kristin said...

Love this post. I had no clue which Beatle I was like so I took four "which Beatle are you?" quizzes...and got 4 different answers.
The first said I was George Harrison.
The second said I was John Lennon.
The third said I was half Paul, half George.
The fourth said I was half Paul, half John.

BTW, I entered a contest to win a complete copy of the new remastered cd version of the Beatles library.

HC said...

I think I am George just because I am so serious. But I took the various beatles quizzes available on the net and they said I was half paul and half george. I think thats good to be :-)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Hmmm... I think I would be a George, or at least what I know about him. Or maybe I would be that guy who was a Beatle but then quit just before they made it big...

kate said...

Oh, dude. I am a total John. Though on occasion, I bring a little George to the table, a bit of the quiet whackadoo to the party. But mostly, I'm the leader of the bunch, striking out against the establishment, telling the world to eff off, dropping a bit of acid, and writing amazing music, with beautiful poetic lyrics. (Though I haven't been making much music lately. Nor dropping much acid. So perhaps those two apply more metaphorically, being willing to try new things, being creative, or finding poetry in the day-to-day...)

At least that's what I'd like to think I'm like. Truthfully, I'm just the whiner in the corner wondering why the Beatles don't like me back as much as I like them. Because *I* know I'm cool! Why don't they agree???

Or something like that...

Dora said...

George, definitely. Apparently in private he wasn't the "quiet one" everyone thinks. They say he could chew your ear off, and had a wicked sense of humor.

Beautiful Mess said...

Ahhhhh THE Beatles! I grew up with thier music and every time I listen to one of their songs, it takes me back to my childhood. I just love them with a pure joy love.

luna said...

love it. I had to think about this.

at first I thought, george, of course -- clever, quiet, spiritual, hippie sensibility. but the reality is in my heart I think I'm a john with his revolutionary spirit and heart. and sometimes I say things that piss people off.

ms. c said...

Seriously. SERIOUSLY.
The Beatles are my favorite thing. And anything about them are my favorite things. Just clicking over and seeing that image... my heart went pitter patter. Oh- the LOVE.
Across the Universe is definately one of my top movies. I think it was spectacularly done. When it came on to the Movie Network I PVRed it. Now I have it forever.
It seems serendipitous to me that it was while seeing the movie in the theatre that I felt Sacha move. In fact I wanted to name our baby Jude, but I was vetoed (sadly).
OOO- and Lavender- LOVE (the Cirque show) is freaking unbelievable.
As for which Beatle I am most like- I don't know... But as for the one I most like- it's hands down Paul. I still swoon to this day. Although my favorite song is Here Comes the Sun.
Oh. I must stop before I faint. (Thank goodness I wasn't alive during the invasion!)

Shannon said...

I have no idea...I don;t know enough about them honestly....and I was born in the 80's. But I do really like the music :)