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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The 62nd Circle Time: The Show and Tell Weekly Thread

Show and Tell is wasted on elementary schoolers. Join several dozen bloggers weekly to show off an item, tell a story, and get the attention of the class. In other words, this is Show and Tell 2.0. Everyone is welcome to join, even if you have never posted before and just found out about Show and Tell for the first time today. So yank out a photo of the worst bridesmaid's dress you ever wore and tell us the story; show off the homemade soup you cooked last night; or tell us all about the scarf you made for your first knitting project. Details on how to participate are located at the bottom of this post.

Let's begin.

Wait, before we begin, I need to say it again: We are not even close to having 200 posts on the DIY Roundup Extravaganza by Friday. You read stuff every day. You love stuff every day. Now tell us what you love. Don't get thrown off by the coding thing. Just cut-and-paste the url; we'll figure it out. Two days, people, two days. For the love, at least we can hit 100 posts.

Okay, so now Show and Tell.

Last weekend we went to Dutch Wonderland which is coined a "kingdom for kids" (and, as Josh likes to say, a serfdom for adults). Unlike Disney World where you could go and have a good time sans children, Dutch Wonderland is made entirely for those under the age of eight. It is an infertile person's worst nightmare. A fact that even children can apparently pick-up-on because the Wolvog turned to me at one point and said, "I know why I'm having fun, but why are you?"

The ChickieNob was too small for this ride and she begged Josh to go on for her. So I snapped this picture. My enormous, 37-year-old child.

Tomorrow I leave for BlogHer, but I can continue to read Show and Tell posts during panels. So keep showing and telling.

What are you showing today?

Click here or scroll down to the bottom of this post if this is your first time joining along (Important: link to the permalink for the post, not the main url for your blog and use your blog's name, not your name. Links not going to a Show and Tell post will be deleted). The list is open from now until late Friday night and a new one is posted every week.

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Want to bring something to Show and Tell?
  • If you would like to join circle time and show something to the class, simply post each Wednesday night (or any time between Wednesday morning and Friday night), hopefully including a picture if possible, and telling us about your item. It can be anything--a photo from a trip, a picture of the dress you bought this week, a random image from an old yearbook showing a person you miss. It doesn't need to contain a picture if you can't get a picture--you can simply tell a story about a single item. The list opens every Wednesday night and closes on Friday night.
  • You must mention Show and Tell and include a link back to this post in your post so people can find the rest of the class. This spreads new readership around through the list. This is now required.
  • Label your post "Show and Tell" each week and then come back here and add the permalink for the post via the Mr. Linky feature (not your blog's main url--use the permalink for your specific Show and Tell post).
  • Oh, and then the point is that you click through all of your classmates and see what they are showing this week. And everyone loves a good "ooooh" and "aaaah" and to be queen (or king) of the playground for five minutes so leave them a comment if you can.
  • Did you post a link and now it's missing?: I reserve the right to delete any links that are not leading to a Show and Tell post or are the blogging equivalent of a spitball.


Anonymous said...

I love that shot of Josh--especially as his legs hang down so low, and the legs of the kid behind him stick straight out b/c they're so short! Ha!

Kristin said...

Love that pic of Josh. That looks remarkably like the ride I got talked into going on at the county fair.

Wishing 4 One said...

SOunds like a nightmare of a place, not due to so many under age 8, rather the rides would make my a$$ hurt, too small. Josh looks so comfy though. Shout out to all the wonderful sistas BlogHer from me!!!

Cassandra said...

My first Show and Tell since you moved it from the weekend schedule!

Dutch Wonderland being un-fun for those over 8 reminds me of a Simpsons episode when they visit Storytown Village (a theme park based on nursery rhymes) for the sake of Maggie, the baby. Marge says, "I'm sure Storytown Village is also fun for everyone, from 8 (pointing at Lisa) to G-d only knows (pointing at Grandpa)." When they arrive, the sign says:

Fun for ages 1 to 7 1/2.

battynurse said...

Very cute of Josh in the swing. But how sad that chickienob couldn't go on it too. I used to love that ride until my backside got too wide.
Yes it does sound like not my sort of place.

Cara said...

Some awesome family time there!! Have a GREEEEAAAT time at Blogher.

JamieD said...

What a funny picture! He doesn't look like he's enjoying himself a whole lot . . .

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Lol! That is so funny. What a good sport! :) Have fun at BlogHer, look forward to living vicariously through your posts.

Lavender Luz said...

What a great Dad. I love that he did this for her.

Bea said...

Hehehe. That is a great shot.


Flying Monkeys said...

That is priceless!