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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Summer Creme de la Creme--the Roundup Extravaganza

Winter is home to the Creme de la Creme, but the summer holds its counterpart: the Roundup Extravaganza. Unlike the Creme de la Creme where each person submits their favourite post from their own blog, participants agree to allow another person to choose their best work from July 2007 to July 2008 and in turn, choose their favourite post from an assigned blog (of a fellow participant). The end result is a list very similar to the Creme de la Creme, except that it follows in the same vein as a massive Friday Blog Roundup. It will be a complete surprise to see which post is chosen AND as per the request last year, you will not know who read your blog and chose your post.

For those who are shaking right now, sweat dripping from your clicking finger, wondering how you will ever do NaComLeavMo and do the Roundup Extravaganza, stop sweating and take a sip of cold water. The two do not truly overlap and the Roundup Extravaganza will take about an hour of work (maybe less? Maybe more?) on your part. An hour? That's space that is now free due to a lack of television programming. See, there's a reason this is held in the summer.

Take a look at last year's list and if you'd like to participate, here's what you need to do (read the short version if my all-inclusive lists scare you and read the long version if you like having answers to all questions that may arise)

Short Version:
  • Leave a comment below that states the following: your blogging name or first name, your blog's name, your blog url, email address (if you don't wish to put this in the comment section, email me with this information) and whether you are pregnant/currently have children (I try to match those who are experiencing primary IF with those experiencing primary IF).
Stirrup Queens
thetowncriers at
yes, I have kids

Long Version:
  • The Extravaganza is open to any infertility/loss/adoption blog (either still trying, on a break, currently pregnant, parenting after IF--either functional or biological IF, adopting, living child free). Yes, everyone. You don't need to ask. If you have a blog that is either on the blogroll or could be on the blogroll, you can join along. If you didn't start your blog until recently, the person will choose your post from whatever is currently there.
  • It is possible to join along if you have a private blog. You will need to give your reader access to the blog (so I guess you would end up knowing who chose your post...) and you will have to start another blog that is public that contains the single, chosen post so others can read it too. If you have a private blog and need help with this, let me know.
  • Leave a comment below that states the following: your blogging name or first name, your blog's name, your blog url, email address (if you don't wish to put this in the comment section, email me with this information) and whether you are pregnant/currently have children (I try to match those who are experiencing primary IF with those experiencing primary IF).
Stirrup Queens
thetowncriers at
yes, I have kids
  • Sign up is open until June 27 at 11:59 p.m. After that, the list is closed and all matches will be made. I cannot add anyone once the matches are made. Once you commit, you need to follow through and choose for the blog you're assigned. If you bail, the work falls on me and then I get cranky.
  • On July 1st, you will be emailed your match and their blog url. You have between July 1st and July 21st (almost 3 weeks) to read the other person's blog and choose your favourite post. You will most likely not be able to read every entry from July 2007 until July 2008, but skim around and pick a favourite based on what you are able to read. This is not science, but it is a way to wrap someone else up in a great big love blanket about their writing.
  • Email me any time between July 1st and July 21st the permalink for your favourite post, the name of the post, and a short paragraph (two or three sentences tops!) about the post. See examples from last year's Roundup Extravaganza to get a sense of the paragraph. Make sure you have a sentence that explains why you chose that post in particular.
  • Yes, you can only choose one post.
  • Once you send it in, you're done. Please don't change your submission even if another great post is written that week.
  • I will compile the list and post it in lieu of the Friday Blog Roundup on July 25th. You will then get to see (1) the post someone else believed was your best post from summer to summer and (2) a very cool list of posts similar to the Creme de la Creme that becomes an instant pu-pu platter of the IF/loss/adoption experience. There will be posts that are sweet and posts that are sad--ones that will make you think and ones that will make you laugh.
It combines the excellent reading potential of the Creme de la Creme with the surprise element of a Secret Ode Day and brings together community like a NaComLeavMo--what more could you want in a summer activity? Hope you will join along!


Lisa said...

Love this! Thank you!!

Helping Make Sense
no children, multiple failed IVF's

Bean said...

Of course!

Hoping for Another Lovebug
1 kid, miscarriages, just finished IVF #5 - in 2WW

MrsSpock said...

Sounds fun!
Mrs Spock
Mrs Spock
1 child

Tammy said...

I am game... :o)
Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Normalcy
http://tlc520 at excite dot com
Primary IF, moving past Clomid

Heidi said...

Thinking Miracles
heidimingo at
no kids, 2 m/c's

(I promise to be better at this than I am as an Iron Commenter)

Jen said...

Yes, so excited!

Here We Go Again
jenniferelaine11 at yahoo
Currently gestating, but no other kids.

Jenn said...

Jenn's Journal
almost 2 year old IVF twins

Baby Steps to Baby Shoes said...

Mrs. ShoeLover
Baby Steps to Baby Shoes
currently pregnant after primary IF

Shelli said...

1 child, SIF, 5 m/c's, IVF next month

r_is_moody said...

count me in.

A day in the life of a moody person.
Currently pg after primary IF and rpl

Anonymous said...

I'm in!

(un)complicate me
no kids

Joy said...

I'm in, too.

The Other Shoe

no kids, in 2ww of IVF #5 (DE FET)

Trace said...

Sounds fun!

One Hardy Swimmer
no children, adoption scam, total male infertility, DI, trying IVF#1

Journeywoman said...


No kids. in the middle of adoption and a failed IVF.

Magpie said...

I'm game!

Magpie Musing
magpiemusing (at)
1 child from IVF#3 (and too old to try again)

xavier2001 said...

I missed out on this last year, but I'm in this year!!

Sean and Mary's Family
yes I have kids after ivf

Busted said...

Sounds great! I'm in:

Busted Babymaker
bustedbabymaker at
No living children.

Andria and Co. said...

Count me in!!!

Andria and Co.
2 children, secondary infertility, multiple MC's.

JJ said...

Had a great time last year! Yes, please!

Reproductive Jeans
no kiddos

loribeth said...

I'm in!

Lori (Loribeth)
The Road Less Travelled
E-mail: I think you have it
No living children (one stillbirth, now living childfree)

luna said...

I love this! count me in for the instant pu pu platter!

life from here: musings from the edge
no living children

Tammy said...

Of course!

You Just Never Know Where Hope Might Take Ya
two children through open adoption; considering foster care

donna said...

Sign me up!

parenting after IF (IUI specifically)

katedaphne said...

Where do al your great ideas come from??

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria

no kids, many failed IVFs

Tigger said...

Tigger's Infertility Madness
Living childfree, now

JuliaS said...

Oh definitely count me in! I think this is a great idea!

Life after Infertility and Loss
Primary infertility (luteal phase defect, annovulatory, endo) recurrent pg loss, kids, recovering POAS addict

perchancetodream said...

I'm in!

perchancetodream2 at
primary IF

Mrs.X said...

So did not need any arm-twisting on this one!

Mrs. X
The Young And the Infertile
primary IF, 2 m/c's, FET in 08/08

Hope2morrow said...

Sounds fun! Thanks for coordinating this!

It's Not the End of the World
no kids- IUI, IVF, FET, chemical pregnancies

melissa said...

Be still and Know

no kids, just beginning the journey with endometriosis

Star said...

What a lovely idea. I'm in.

The Other Shoe
one child

Rachel said...

Long Distance Infertility
first pg after IF

Jess said...

I'm in, but you know, PWP...I'm cool with adding someone, though, of course.

The Problem With Hope
daughter via dom. open adoption, son via IVF

Mel said...

Where's My Belly?
no kids, but one cranky uterus

A.M.S. said...

Oooh! This was fun. I'm in.

A.M.S. or Allison
Our Own Creation
ourowncreation at gmail dot com
no living children (2 deceased)

Jamie said...

Sticky Feet
whenwilltheystick at
One son, 6 months old.

Jendeis said...

Another fabulous idea! Can't wait to take part!

Sell Crazy Someplace Else
jendeis at aol dot com
no kids

SAHW said...

Wow, what an awesome idea.

"Just" a Stay at Home Wife
I'll email you my email address
primary IF, just beginning at the fertility clinic

Nycphoenix said...

Forever Reaching
Lesbian with Diminished Ovarian Reserve, 13 ART tries from home AI to IVF with ICSI/AH, currently taking a break and possibly living child-free

Lori said...

I am doubly interested!

Weebles Wobblog
bestlightlori at
yes, I have kids

Drama 2B Mama
bestlightlori at
yes, I have kids

Jill said...

Hopefully I'll have written something interesting by then.... :)

Maybe it's just me...
no kids, PCOS

DC said...

Ooooooh, I'm totally in! :)

Lupus Pie
lupuspie at
no, I do not have kids (primary IF)

Io said...

your blogging name or first name, your blog's name, your blog url, email address
Who shot my stork?
emailforio at gmail dot com

kate said...

Woohoo! Sounds fun!

Bee In The Bonnet
mcfarland dot kate at
no kids, no ARTs, no miscarriage, no pregnancy, no official diagnosis, no idea where I'm going from here

Allison said...

Wonderful idea!

The Follicle Report
no kids, coming up on last IVF this fall

Kami said...

Are we there yet?

Due June 12 after conceiving with DE and multiple failed IVF's, one early infant death, two early miscarriages.

Jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen said...

Sounds fun! I'm in!
Maybe If You Just Relax
jenniferknepper at yahoo dot com
No kids (assuming dogs don't count)

Queenie. . . said...

SO totally there!

Baby, Borneo or Bust. . .
no kids

Katie said...

Love it!

3 Happy Hours
katiebugttu at hotmail dot com
1 ectopic, currently TTC

CLC said...

Count me in too.
Please give me back my heart
cloftus73 at gmail dot com
one stillbirth, no lc

Kelly D said...

Twin Peas
kkdamron (at)
yes, I have kids

Alyson & Ford said...

Thank you! I am new to this and it sounds great!!

Imagine Alyzabeth An
Two Steps, Two Grands, IF Long Ago (MC's), Waiting Adoption of daughter (China). LID 01/27/06

candy said...

i'm in!

Candy's Land
solikecandy406 at yahoo dot com
2 adopted children

(although i'm changing my blog name soon, but the url will stay the same. i'll email you if i get around to it before this.)

Anonymous said...

I'm in.

I Think I Hear Your Mother Calling
emptyhomestead at
No babies, currently pursuing domestic infant adoption.

Kathy said...

Three of a kind working on a full house…
1 living child, 2 early m/c, 1 ectopic, SIF, 2 failed IVF & 1 deceased child (FET#1)
Currently on a break from TTC

sara said...

Mel, I just wanted to say thanks again for doing all you do. The updates on lost and found (like you mentioning my cerclage today) make me feel like I have some extra support coming from this great group of people when I need it the most. It honestly helps you feel so much better when you're having some crappy moments or bumpy spots. So just wanted to say thanks, that's all.

Samantha said...

I remember this last year - it was really fun and interesting! Count me in again.

Southern Infertility
no kids, multiple failed IVFs, etc.

Lauren said...

Of Love and Loss
1 child, 1 miscarriage, currently TTC

Mine's a newer blog... time to really start getting into it!

Orodemniades said...

Birch and Maple
1 child, 1 IVF

orodemniades said...

Oops, should have been more specific:

Birch and Maple
1 child from IVF #1, now into secondary infertility and FET 2009gx

Geohde said...

Count me in!

Mission Impossible
missionimpossibleinfertile at
currently pregnant after IF and IVF

JamieD said...

Count me in!

The Therapist is In
miscarriage, getting ready for my first RE visit

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

You're a genius, Mel!

I'm in!

Your Kiss is on my List
no children,
possible lead to 1st ivf in 2months
1 furry baby

baby~amore' said...

My Little drummer Boys
babyamore2 at gmail dot com
yes, I have kids local adoption /pregnancy loss /IVF twins almost 2

sara said...

Love the idea!

Gas Passer aka UUer

pregnant with first after IVF #1

Ms Heathen said...

What a fantastic idea! Count me in!

Ms Heathen
Reproductively Challenged
primary IF

m said...

I am in!

The Maybe Baby
no kids. 1 failed IVF using donor eggs. 1 failed FET.
Getting ready for next FET.

seriously? said...

This sounds fun!
We're barren, how 'bout you?
will email you my email address
no children, one early m/c

Heather Johnson said...

I'd love to participate, but I don't quite fit in for this one. [On the IF front, we "spontaneously" had one child - he's 6 now - then went through years of IF treatments unsuccessfully. We "retired" from trying a few yrs ago.] My blog is about books for the most part, and only very rarely mentions parenting. I do enjoy reading the other blogs here though, and I'm sure there will be LOTS to read when the Roundup is over!

As always, thanks for your excellent organizational skills Mel.

Dreamer4agift said...

I wanna join!

My Journey to Mommyhood
Currently 6wks, on bedrest, with 1st pg, post injectibles

Overwhelmed! said...

This sounds fantastic! Count me in!

Overwhelmed With Joy!
adoptive_mom_1 [at] yahoo [dot] com
3 children (adopted son- 3 years, foster daughter- 15 months, foster daughter- 7 months)

Smiling said...

Smiling Scar

no children, POF, looking at donor eggs and sorting out HRT

Elisabeth said...

The course of true love never did run smooth
Have twins- neonatal loss of twins - IVF

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd love to do this. I feel kinda sorry for whoever gets mine, though. Really not much to pick from and sort of rambly....

primary IF, barely pg post IVF w/ DE

Rachel said...

Henry Street
rlnathan at

No children, 3 m/c with dh's sperm, 3 failed IVFs, 5 failed dIUIs, 1 m/c with donor sperm, starting adoption process.

Is that too detailed? I guess I wear my IF badge with pride.

Chris said...

Peace of Mind is All I Want
cnapierk at aol dot com
I have a baby after multiple IUI cycles

Glenna Marshall said...

Hope and Despair
no children, primary IF, adopting our first child

B said...


The Shifty Shadow

No living kids. A few rounds of failed IVF. Balanced translocation.

Mel - you are a big hearted genius. I hope you know that.

m said...

NaComLeavMo is kicking my arse but I'm in!!!

my sanctuary
no children, multiple ivf's, multiple losses

Elizabeth said...

I would love to join!

I Thought Unicorns Were a Myth
unicornuateliz at gmail dot com
no children, endo, unicornuate uterus, failed IVF and FET; pursuing surrogacy

Bec said...

Count me in...

Crazy Lady Ramblings
no children, on 4th ivf attempt

Pam said...

I'm in.

Bay Wanted: Apply Within
no children, two failed DE IVFs, trying to gather funds to do one more fresh cycle

Helen said...

I'm in!
Everyday Stranger
Twins from IVF #5

Amber said...

Please include me. I'm new...not many posts.

Bellyaching and Benedictions
1 child, 1 m/c, waiting for IVF #2

Kristen said...

I'm in!

Sticky Bean
currently pg after 2 miscarriages

Piccinigirl said...

ok I'm in:

Piccinigirl/ Kir
Kir's Corner
Twin boys via IVF /ICSI

Kir :)

Lassie said...

Really looking forward to this!

yes, I have 1 adopted child after
multiple failed IVFs/IUI's

In Due Time said...

Count me in, I promise I won't piss you off this time.. ((Hugs)))

ttc since 2004, no pregnancies, only dreams!

Amy said...

Another great idea! I'm in!

There's Hope
amyrbailey at gmail dot com
no kiddos, 1 miscarriage

Rachel said...

Raspberry Chip
miscarriage, 1 6 month old.

Wishing 4 One said...


After 10 years... Finally IVF

no kids, 5 failed IVF's (5th one just failed June 2008- chemical)

sent my email to you

margalit said...

I'm in.

What was I THINKING?
8 years ttc, 4 miscarriages, IVF twins almost 16 YEARS old. I know!

Kim said...

What Wuz I Saying...?
3 kids, PCOS and mf, mulitple m/c, loss of a twin, international adoption

Jen said...

Please sign me up!
Blessed are the Barren
jenblogsif at gmail dot com
no children

alicia said...

Count me in!

Alicia Pieces of Me
no kids, infertile, almost done adoption process

Care said...

3 Munchkins and a Mom
Carolyn23g @ aol . com
SMC, with kids via donor sperm

Anonymous said...

Scrambled Eggz
no children, currently cycling with medicated IUIs

Deborah said...

Sounds like fun!

Waiting on Life
no children, waiting on IVF #2

Anonymous said...

no living babies, multiple miscarriages.

Bev said...


A Baby? Maybe...
2 years trying pregnant with our first.

Anonymous said...

I would love to join

The Tragic Optimist
annz at visi dot com
yes, 1 child, parenting after IF

MoMo said...

Please count me in!

It Only Takes One Egg
yes children and pregnant with #2(both pregnancy thru IVF)

Bea said...

Infertile Fantasies
infertilefantasies at gmail
yes! I have a baybea

Heather.PNR said...

Production, Not Reproduction
heather.pnr (
two kids via adoption

Mommy Someday said...

Mommy Someday
34 weeks pregnant (due July 25), 1 m/c, IUI w/injectibles

Tricia said...

Adventures of Baby Making
no children. 1 miscarriage, just finished iui#2

emma said...

Sure, why will give me something to do instead of counting days.

A Beautiful Uterus!
emma082705 at
no little ones, PCOS, clomid

Kristine said...

Sign me up!

Mommy Needs Therapy
mommyneedstherapy at gmail dot com
yes, I have kids

Anonymous said...

Count me in too, please. I loved this last year.

Nuts in May
No children, PCOS, multiple surgeries, on Clomid, one miscarriage (with complications)

Anonymous said...

Sign me up!!
Isn't it pretty to think so
Isn't It Pretty to Think So
isntitprettytothinkso18 at gmail dot com
Yes I have kids (I also have unexplained IF, secondary IF, and RPL)

Heather said...

I'm in:

Joys In My Life
one child from IF treatments, currently undergoing IVF for second child, macrobiotics

Kate said...

Yes, please!

Kicking You From the Inside
Yes, one kid

Anonymous said...

no kids, starting stims for IVF #1 Round 2 on 6/21

Anonymous said...

Not Imitation Cheese
smrtmouse at
no kids...yet!

Duck said...

Sign me up.

No babies.
No functioning uterus
Moving onto surrogacy. (which I can't spell apparently)

darla said...

I want to play!!
Great idea Melissa!

Dear Darlas Diaries
deardarlasdiaries at
no children, just heavily medicated

sharah said...

I'm in.
Outlandish Notions
sharahblog AT gmail DOT com
no children, not continuing treatments

Malky B. said...

Count me in.

The Second Time Around

1 daughter, 1 stillborn girl, 1 - 7 week miscarriage, secondary infertility

Sunny said...


My Journey Towards My Little Miracle
1 angel baby

Thalia said...

Thalia's fertility journey
thaliablogs at
2 miscarriages before one living child, Pob

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Finding Motherhood
no kids, saving pennies for adoption after our failed IUIs

Pamela Jeanne said...

Oh, I hope I'm not too late. Behind on so many things.

Pamela Jeanne
no children, failed every attempt at TTC for a dozen years

CappyPrincess said...

Loving Thee... and more
lil_cappy_princess at yahoo dot com
yes children, parenting after losses

LJ said...

Yup, I am in:

Our Family Beginnings
ljauss at
Nope, I have no kids

K said...

Romancing the Stork
no children yet, currently in post-ivf 2ww

Thank you!

Michael, Karen, Morgan, J.D. & Levi said...

Sounds FUN!!!

Morgan's World

6 month-old from 4th round IVF w/PGD, 1 ectopic, 1 blighted ovum, 1 miscarriage, 1 failed IVF and 2 failed FET cycles,
1 failed IUI

Kimberley said...

It sounds like fun!!

Kredwards0811 at gmail dot come

one daughter, praying for another cuddle buddy

Mrs. Spit said...

No living child, pre-eclampsia

Anonymous said...

I'm in!

No kids yet, but hopefully soon!

Deathstar said...

A Woman My Age
no children, waiting to adopt

Juicy said...

That sounds like fun, I hope I've got something good!

Joyce's Blog
joyce (dot) culbertson (at) gmail (dot) com
no kids yet, 2 m/cs, 12 IUIs, lots of fertility drugs, currently on IVF cycle 1 (hopefully that's all it takes!!)

Christina said...

My Life
no children, currently in testing with a RE

bleu said...

OK I will give it a go.

mamableu at mac dot com
I have 1 child. (secondary IF)