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Friday, November 02, 2007

3rd International Infertility Film Festival

This festival's theme was Halloween and I was making a very scary film with a very familiar monster but my film editor, Josh, became busy at work and apparently felt that a paid job took precedence over my hobbies. So. You will get my scary film, albeit tweaked and without the Halloween imagery, at a later date.

I am entering an older film, Uterninus's Law for the IIFF this month. Let me stretch it so it fits the theme. It is scary. I mean, facing the fact that life is out of your control is scary. And it's a bumpy walk. That could be because there are acorns all over the sidewalks outside. And coffee is an excellent offering for Halloween. In fact, next year, we're giving espresso beans to all the trick-or-treaters. So, see, not so far from the theme.

Uterninus's Law, like Murphy's Law, is the promise that every effort you make, conception-wise, will be thwarted. It works in direct correlation to how badly you need the cycle to work. Any attempt to circumvent Uterninus's Law by pretending to "not care" about a cycle is detected and squashed in turn (see, scary!).

Lyrics in case you can't understand what I'm singing

Hop along to the IIFF to see more movies
(probably up a little later today when it is Saturday in Australia)

Roundup will be up later today!


Julia said...

Yeah, scary doesn't begin to cover it.

dayzofrain said...

I agree... scary isn't even close. I think this one applies the theme!

Lori said...

Brilliant lyrics, audio and visuals.

You never cease to amaze me, Mel.

Vee said...

Hoorah ! Well done again Melissa and Josh.
Yes indeed scary.

Beagle said...

You almost have enough songs to put out your own CD! (hint, hint!)

PCOSMama said...

Ah, a Stirrup Queen cd... we could each have our own theme song! It would make a great gift for the clueless people in our lives.

Great job once again Mel!

Thalia said...

really fab film, Mel.