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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Third Blilt

The next blilt and its unraveled counterpart are up below this post. Thank you to everyone who sent a square (and keep sending them, I'll add to it whenever I have new squares). Hopefully, it's looking a little more quilty. What do you think of the six block squares? The advantage is that it's easier to read the quilt as a whole and it looks a bit more quilty. The disadvantage is that the smaller squares mean fewer words. I'm sorry that I had to edit a few squares in order to make them fit. I apologize if anyone is upset--I tried to add the missing words whenever possible to the unraveled entry. Please weigh in and let me know what you think of the new look. If people don't like the smaller squares, I can switch back to the larger ones, but I can only fit two in each row with the larger squares.

So go click on the squares and let me know if you get together with a bunch of bloggers to play my drinking game. As long as you promise not to cheat and drag the mouse over the square, you could probably even play over IM. But definitely do click over and see the larger stories of everyone who contributed.

If you're new to the blog and have no idea what I'm talking about when I use the word "blilt," look below at the virtual blog quilt we created on the waiting inherent to infertility and pregnancy loss. Then contribute a square to this next blilt.

Which is this...

Everyone receives a boatload of advice on how to get knocked up when they're having difficulty conceiving or experiencing a loss. This next blilt will celebrate your favourite advice received during the journey ("favourite" being said in a sarcastic tone--I have another blilt coming up that will actually take kind and helpful words into consideration). I'd like this blilt to contain everything--from the more common ones such as "why don't you adopt" and "it was meant to be" to the bizarre warnings and offers. Don't worry if you don't have a crazy story to tell--it's important to include ones that are heard by almost everyone. But if you do have a crazy story to tell, make sure you include the longer version for the unraveled entry. Again, don't worry if you already see that "just relax" has been submitted--submit your own "just relax" and we can have similar squares on the blilt. I think it's important to also see how often some advice is doled out...

If we're going with the 6-block squares, we can fit under 10 words (so this is a little bit like writing a haiku--pare down the advice to a few words since you can write as much as you wish in the unraveled entry). If we go with the two squares per line (like the first blilt), we can fit under 15 words. To be on the safe side for this next blilt since I have no idea which way we'll go (with the 6-square block like the second blilt or the 2-blocks per line look of the first blilt), better be safe and try to get it under 10 words.

The system from the second blilt worked wonders to get everything entered quickly. So please send your contribution in this format:
  • Words for the blilt
  • Url of your blog or email address if you don't have a blog (or let me know if you wish to have your square unlinked)
  • Any additional thoughts for the Blilt Unraveled entry
Send in your words by 11 p.m. on April 30th (Monday), though, as always, the blilt is never closed. I will keep adding to them as new squares are sent.

Oh...and if you still don't know what the hell I'm talking about and you haven't scrolled past this entry to see the actual blilt, here is the explanation of the Blilt Project.


megan said...

it's truly beautiful, Mel. great work. your blog is such a place of comfort for me. . . i can't even tell you.
i like the new layout with the smaller squares. it think it looks quilty and great. i wish i could crawl under it right now!

Paper Whore said...

I can't believe how many blocks I thought were mine (forgetting what I actually wrote!) because they sound exactly like what I think to myself every month. So I'm really NOT the only one?! :-)

Michell said...

It looks great, thanks for including me. I love your blog.

Tina said...

I LOVE the smaller, more quilty look! I am a quilt lover, BTW. :)

I gotta think about the next blilt...I got soooo much assvice, it's hard to remember everything!

a.m.s. said...

Love it! And I'm like Paper whore...I had the hardest time remembering which one was mine. They ALL sounded like me.

thirdtimelucky said...

it does look good. I'll have to think about something for the next one.

TeamWinks said...

I like the smaller ones too, but it does force us to be more creative. I gues that's not a bad thing.

Tina said...

Okay, I have my entry for the next blilt:

* Words for the blilt: Stop trying (to conceive) and just do it


* My neighbor point blank asked me when we were having another child. Apparently my usual direct approach of "We have been trying and we have had a few setbacks" wasn't received loud and clear - she told me to stop trying and just do it. Well, hell! It just doing it was all it took, then I would have my own pack of wolves by now!!

Stacie said...

This wasn't advice, per se, but it was THE MOST ANNOYING THING anyone said to me:

"My husband just looks at me and I get pregnant."

Great. Thanks. Well, my husband can't get me pregnant without the help of a whole medical team, but thanks for sharing.

Ruth said...

Here's my entry, it's not technically advice but it had that feel at the time...

"Well, did you at least enjoy being on bedrest?"

my site:

Backstory: This is more of a miscarriage-related story than trying to get pregnant again, but I found out our baby had potentially serious problems at an ultrasound at 16 weeks. I'm a student, and I'd just "come out" to the faculty in my department as being pregnant. I was put on bedrest and miscarried a week later. When I made it back to school, and had some of the necessary but awkward conversations, one of my professors asked me if I'd enjoyed my bedrest experience.