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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Strange Things Meme

So, I was tagged by Teamwinks and Mandolyn to tell you six strange things about myself. Of course, my personal list stalled at three. When I mentioned this to my husband, his mouth dropped open and he said, "uh, I could fill in a few more, dear." So here is a mix and ten points if you can tell the ones I was willing to admit vs. the ones he put on the list...

1. When I was little, I ate paper to "punish" my parents when I didn't get my way. It didn't really work. Sorry, Mum and Dad...

2. I have many food phobias. With some of them, I can't eat food that has been on the same plate as these foods. For others, I can work my way around it. Almost all my food phobias are for white foods. Mayonnaise and cottage cheese are completely banned from my refrigerator. Even writing down those words makes me feel queasy.

3. I have a list of banned actors. I won't watch movies that have them in it--even if the movie story sounds really good. Some people are on the banned list for good reason--for instance, Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise. Others randomly found there way on there and now I can't overcome my dislike and take them off.

4. I tend to get stuck on one food and then eat it over and over again, meal after meal. For instance, one summer in grad school, the only thing I ate for every meal was a veggie sandwich.

5. I need to be kissed on both cheeks when someone is saying goodbye or I feel uneven. It bothers me tremendously.

6. I need to be surrounded by post-it note pads at all times. I write down all notes to myself on post-it notes (though shopping lists go on the back of old business cards).

I don't even know who to tag because it feels like everyone has already done this one. But in case you haven't--go back to your blog now and tell everyone six strange things about yourself.


TeamWinks said...

What I want to know is how you can fit all of your grocery list on the back of a business card. How is that possible?! :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And you read my meme post past number one and it's mention of the first dreaded white food! (Thanks for that, by the way.)

My guess: 2, 4 and 6 were the ones that husband added to the list.

mandolyn said...

Cottage cheese simply cannot be of this earth. I'm SO with you there.