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Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Blog Roundup

Thank you for all the anniversary well wishes this week. We will be partying all weekend--drinking mojitos, eating Vietnamese ( didn't know? We're going to Nam Viet this weekend...), and blowing the rest of D.C. away with our stylish moves on the dance floor. Or we'll be curled up in bed for the entire weekend catching up on two years worth of missed sleep. Either/or. Perhaps we'll just have mojitos in bed.

I thought I'd focus on adoption entries this week in honour of National Adoption Awareness Month. So, come, join me on the side bar as we peruse some kick-ass blogs.

There were a flurry of families coming together this week:

Barely Sane at Infertility Licks! is currently with the birthmother and her maybe baby. She got the call this week and high-tailed it from her home in Canada to Ohio. In a few days, she may be going home with her daughter. She held her and fed her on Wednesday. It's an amazing world. When you read an entry like this, you realize the connections that adoption creates where moments earlier, there was just an open space. I wish you perfect peace and that all pieces settle into place.

Also, Art-Sweet at Artificially Sweetened received her referral call on Tuesday for her "Guatebaby." The woman from the agency immediately emailed her photographs of her son (and scroll down the blog to take in all of his deliciousness). I had my first goosebumps when I read about how she called her partner to tell her and she said, "I want you to come home and see pictures of your son." I had my second round of goosebumps when she closed off the story with "She came home, and pronounced him beautiful, over and over again. I fell in love with her even more, watching her fall in love with him. We called GAL and accepted the referral." They still have more paperwork and waiting ahead, but they'll hopefully be bringing home their son next spring!

Starfish at Hell and High Water has an amazing post about coming out of infertility and no longer defining herself as infertile. She describes the change like this: "Once we finally stopped treatment, I stopped being defined by my infertility. I went back to being a wife, a daughter, a sister, a boss, a friend. Not at first of course, it took time to remember how to be happy and hopeful again. I could liken it to a hibernation of sorts...I came out of the dark cave disoriented and squinting from the bright sun, and needed to slowly get used to the real world again. It's no small thing. People who haven't been through it don't get it, and maybe I didn't realize myself how bad I was until now, when I can see how changed I am. I've wasted so much time being miserable that it is such a relief to again find joy in the smallest things." This peace spills over into her adoption process, keeping her at peace as she sees the big picture while she waits for her call. For anyone who has ever questioned whether they want to continue on the road of treatments or leave it for another path, visit this blog and speak to the wise and kind Starfish (that last part sounded like it's from a fable--the wise and kind Starfish...).

Evil Mommy (who is really quite kind and not evil in the least--so she can stop thinking that even on her bad days) has a post this week about "Adoption Day" and whether people celebrate it with their child. The comments are equally as interesting. One person says: "I was adopted, and I would have been mortified at having my “adoption day” publicized. Just another way of being different. No, thanks." But another counters that with her own take on her own adoption: "We celebrate it every year. I was adopted and I would have loved to celebrate it when I was a kid. We just never thought of it."

Go pick another blog or two off the blogroll and read about different adoption journeys this weekend. While I sip mojitos.


TeamWinks said...

I wish I could drink a mojito! Alas, I will go back to my cup of decafe tea. Enjoy your weekend!

spark said...

Are you in the DC area? I didn't realize! Nam-Viet is by far my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in teh area (and there are plenty to choose from).

Have fun!

Michelle said...

Happy anniversary! Former DC resident here, and I agree - Nam Viet is wonderful!

:: Suzanne :: said...

Y'all might want to come participate in and read our first Adoption Roundup.